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THE BLACKLIST Season 7 Premiere Scoop

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 3 years ago

THE BLACKLIST Season 7 Premiere Scoop

For fans of NBC's The Blacklist, the wait between seasons has been an excruciating one.

The season 6 finale, saw Red (James Spader), following Liz (Megan Boone) and Ressler's (Diego Klattenhoff) investigations into his true identity, kidnapped by Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins).

But is this mystery woman truly the Katarina Rostova we've seen in flashbacks? What does Rostova want? And just how much danger is Red in? 

Finally, with the show's return on October 4, answers to some of these questions are finally coming.

The premiere will span 2 episodes, airing on Oct. 4, and concluding on Oct. 11. We've seen both instalments a little early, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have prepped a number of teasers for you below.

As always (Or if you're just joining us this TV season) we never reveal major plot points or character developments that would spoil your enjoyment of the live episodes. However, Scoop and Spoiler articles from our magazine do dip a toe in spoilery waters, so please proceed with caution.

Finally, as a special request, we ask readers not to copy and paste chunks of the article onto social media - both as a courtesy to those who would prefer not to read details in advance - and to us, as it hurts our readership. If you would like to share this article with other fans, please share a link instead.

Nanny Whammy

When we first meet Liz again we’ll see her attempting to put her life with Agnes back together.

A cute scene with Aram (Amir Ariston) sees Liz debating and rejecting a list of potential nannies for her daughter.

The humorous list includes “Hand that Rocks the Cradle”, “Mrs Doubtfire”, and “The Manny.”

Of course, The Manny is a reference to the TV character Kevin Pearson, played by Justin Hartley on This is Us. We see what you did there, NBC!

And although we’d love to see The Manny taking care of Agnes on a weekly basis, I think we can all agree that the actual nanny foreshadowed in the final moments of the Oct. 11 instalment is a much better choice for dramatic purposes.

Manny say whaaaat?

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