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Jesse Spencer Dishes on CHICAGO FIRE’S 100th Episode

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

Jesse Spencer Dishes on CHICAGO FIRE'S 100th Episode

“It’s a good little thing we’ve got going on,” says Jesse Spencer with a modest smile that belies the obvious effort behind the milestone that is Chicago Fire’s 100th episode.

Spencer sat down to discuss the show’s appeal, the big 100 (episodes, not years, Jesse!), and even divulge a little more about Casey’s mindset (Note: He wants to be a Dad!) in this following video interview, courtesy of NBC.

Spencer is quick to credit the cast, crew and even the firefighters who help craft Chicago Fire’s weekly stories. “They do such a fantastic job. It really is a team effort.”

When it comes to the show’s unique appeal, or “X-Factor” Spencer is less sure how to pinpoint what it is that makes the show a success.

“I assume it’s the family element of the Firehouse,” he admits after a pause. “I think, hopefully, the audience feels like they’re in the common room, with us — jostling with us, fighting to save lives with us. Hopefully they feel like a part of 51. A surrogate family!”

The 100th episode will see Casey and Dawson applying for permanent adoption of Louie, and it’s an episode that Spencer is looking forward to in particular.

“It’s interesting to watch him go from not wanting this kid at all to being really emotionally invested in this child,” he explains. “He wants co-adoption. He wants to be Dad. It’s quite nice. It’s a great 180 arc. They do have a few problems with getting this done,” he teases, “but they do have a few solutions as well.”

Watch the full interview through our player below.

The “One Hundred” airs Tuesday December 6 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

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