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The Mandalorian 3 Clip has More Grogu Doing Grogu Things

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

The Mandalorian 3 Clip has More Grogu Doing Grogu Things

Whether its sipping soup or slurping up alien eggs, The Mandalorian’s Grogu is a well-celebrated mascot for being cute doing just about anything. The new clip from the third season features even more Grogu shenanigans behind some interesting character development for Mando.

Check this out:

As usual, the clip basically has Grogu doing his own thing, using the Force to spin on a chair and nab another snack. With Grogu choosing to live life as a Mandalorian, it’s curious what that could mean for his Force powers, which he seems not to have had proper control over despite having trained a little under Luke Skywalker.

As for Mando, we have a short update on his arc, what with him being reunited with Grogu and being branded an apostate by the Mandalorian Armorer. Despite his status, we know that Din will find his way to more Mandalorians this season thanks to the trailers, and with him wielding the Darksaber, it’s possible he might end up being the planet’s new leader since he won it from combat—unlike Bo-Katan who had it handed to her; leading some to question her claim to the throne.

We don’t know exactly where the story wants to end, but it’s possible we could be looking at a more serialized plot this time around. The series has been more of an ‘adventure-a-week’ kind of format, but it would be great to see one huge arc be told over a season—just like what happened with Andor.

The Mandalorian returns to Disney+ this March 1.

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