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Tony Gilroy: Andor will End After 2 Seasons

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Tony Gilroy: Andor will End After 2 Seasons

The Disney+ Star Wars shows have been kind of the same when it comes to tone with The Mandalorian and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but fans were in for a surprise when Andor embraced a more mature tone.

Despite the series’ critical reception, showrunner Tony Gilroy confirms they will only be doing two seasons of Andor. He tells Variety that the original plan was to make five seasons of the show, but it wasn’t feasible. Gilroy explains:

“You just couldn’t possibly physically make five years of the show… I mean, Diego would be, like, 65. I’d be in a nursing home… We were panicked. We can’t sign on to this forever.”

As it turns out, the solution to their dilemma had already been implemented in the first season. Instead of giving Cassian one arc per season, they split the seasons into three arcs—each told throughout the course of three episodes; hence allowing for the first season to span years of Cassian’s life.

By the time we meet Cassian in Rogue One, he would have been fighting for the Rebellion for six years, so maybe the second season will cover two more years of Cassian working for the Rebels. After all, the first season did end with him fully embracing the mission for Luthen.

We don’t know where Season 2 could go, but hopefully we’ll see Mon Mothma escaping the structure of the senate and moving on to be the Rebel leader we know in the films. We don’t know where Luthen ends up, but he is personally one of my favorite new characters in the series which shows the darker side of the Rebels.

No release date has been set for Andor 2, but you can catch the complete first season now on Disney+.

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