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TV REVIEW: Sparks Fly in The Originals “The Devil is Damned”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 9 years ago

TV REVIEW: Sparks Fly in The Originals

By Erin Resnick

If you were forced to sleep for ninety percent of your life, only waking once every decade to breathe some fresh air, how would you spend it? Would you brush up on your basic witchcraft? Stalk your family of vampires? Binge watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix? This week’s episode of The Originals, entitled “The Devil Is Damned,” found one Mikaelson sibling plotting his ultimate revenge, another making amends, and a tiny one showing off her new found talents.

Out of all of her siblings to reunite with, Freya had decided to pay a visit to Finncent. He was the only sibling she had ever known before Dahlia snatched her and she was hoping to share some insight and bond with him. Unfortunately, Finn was still pretty amped up now that he held the key to taking revenge on Klaus. Freya revealed that Dahlia had forced her to sleep for most of her life and when Freya grew tired of her aunt’s ways, she ran away, sure that Dahlia was still hunting her. Finn decided that since he could not find Hope on his own he would appeal to his sister for help, confessing the truth about their baby niece. Freya pledged her allegiance to helping Finn, turning a caterpillar into a butterfly to showcase her powerful talents.

Over at the compound, Klaus and Rebekah filled Elijah in on Freya’s existence and their next move. The siblings were interrupted, as Koleb was desperate for help from his siblings to save him and his now hexed body. Although Rebekah was furious with her older brother, she knew he would never lie about something so horrendous.

Pictured: Joseph Morgan as Klaus -- Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

Pictured: Joseph Morgan as Klaus — Photo: Quantrell Colbert/The CW

In the bayou, Hayley was wondering why so many people were leaving them broomsticks instead of Panini presses and Jackson was tasked with having “the talk” with her about their wolf traditions of jumping the broom so they could have lots of early shirtless hugs. But that wasn’t all; Jackson delivered the news that several Alphas were traveling down to Louisiana to pledge themselves to Jackson and Hayley so they could be apart of the unification.

Marcel and the rest of the vampires were still being held captive, but Finn decided to let Marcel free under the guise that he return with Hayley’s blood. On Elijah’s end, he was being domestic, cooking omelettes, and taking care of Hope with Cami when the baby knocked her head, injuring herself. Elijah stayed strong, as the tiniest drop of blood was a reminder of the atrocities he had committed. Cami decided that keeping his mind off things would ease him and tasked Elijah with mending the house. It was either that or go fishing and listen to Cami talk about the time she lost her virginity; Elijah quickly obliged and excused himself to start fixing up the house.

Klaus was sure that if they could pull out the spell Finn had used against Kol and lock Finn into his body then he could surely end him, but Kol was adamant that Klaus stay out of his memories. Klaus didn’t wait around for consent and jumped into Kol’s head, which revealed the truth that Kol had been working on his special dagger. Klaus’ temper flared and Kol fled from the compound. Coincidentally, Finn put a call into Kol to bribe him into jacking some of Klaus’ blood for his locator spell and a dejected Kol agreed.

Marcel had made it to the bayou in time to warn Hayley about Finn’s plans for a locator spell. Kol turned around right back to the compound to follow through with Finn’s wishes, but his tussle with Klaus ended with Klaus proclaiming “I’m not going to kill you, you idiot!” which signified that no matter the circumstances they were still family, always and forever. Klaus was willing to share his secrets, earn Kol’s trust, if he sided with him and helped to find and take down Finn. The trio quickly tracked down where Finn had been hiding out, but it was too late; Finn had found Hope’s location and quickly set in motion his plan as he came face-to-face with Elijah.

The Alphas had arrived to denounce their statuses and join the Crescent wolves. Meanwhile, the rest of Marcel’s vampires found themselves out in the bayou, still completely bloodthirsty. The wolves were still in the midst of their ritual when the vampires showed up to feed. Marcel, Hayley, and Jackson fought to maintain each of their species.

Cami had taken Hope to the local market when she discovered Hope’s cut from earlier had healed already. She was ready to return to the house when the car mysteriously came to a halt.

In order to overwhelm Finn’s power, Klaus presented Kol with a bunch of dark, magical objects, including the white oak stake. Klaus even offered himself up as a spell topper to finish it off. The spell was strong enough to deter Finn and break the vampires in the bayou from their curse.

Elijah was transfixed on the blood Finn had spilled; patiently biding his time while Finn taunted him. Elijah stood, removing his daylight ring and proclaimed Finn had disgraced their family for the last time and while he had been ranting the house had been slowly filling with gas from a broken pipe. “Goodbye, brother,” Elijah muttered as he moved his hand into the sunlight, blowing the house up. As the house burst into flames, Cami’s car started again. She looked at Hope, shocked.


Things we need to discuss:

– The scenes between Klaus and Kol were powerful. As much as Klaus boasts about daggering his family and putting them in a box, he would never truly end the life of one of his siblings (unless they were named Finn.) It was also a direct and beautiful tie in to when Kol was originally killed by Elena and Jeremy; Klaus was devastated, but was never able to truly express it.

– Where did Freya disappear to after she helped Finn locate Hope?

– Hope’s powers will be an unraveling. Whether she’s a witch, a wolf, or both is unclear, but to harness that power as a baby will be truly something special and terrifying for the Mikaelson clan.

– Why was Elijah doing yard work with a shirt on? Less shirt, more hammering next time.

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