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TIMELESS Recap “The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago


By Ruby Campos

The Key to the Next Step

Following the confusion about all of Flynn’s motives in the previous episode, this week’s episode of Timeless takes the trio to 1934 when they come face to face with the notorious Bonnie and Clyde.

Before they had back in time, Agent Christopher tells them that their main goal is to get a key that is apparently tied to Rittenhouse. On the heels of the decision to look more closely into Mason’s background, the agent seems to be on high alert and is more than ready to figure out what it is that Mason seems to be covering up and even more so in this episode, she is ready to solve the ongoing mystery of Rittenhouse. She seems to believe that finding that key will get them a lot closer to finding out more about Flynn and Rittenhouse.

Once the trio land in 1930s Arkansas, Wyatt suggests that they all tell Christopher everything they know about Rittenhouse, noting that they really don’t know what they’re doing and could use all of the help they can get, especially from someone they know they can trust. Lucy seems to agree with him but Rufus is much less willing to let her in on the big secret and he’d rather she figured it out for herself than have to tell her everything he knows (including his involvement with Rittenhouse).

Unable to reach an agreement, the trio gets back to the task at hand. Rufus keeps watch outside while Lucy and Wyatt go inside a bank to locate the key necklace that Flynn is supposedly after. However, before they even get the chance to scope out the place, the bank gets held up by none other than Bonnie and Clyde.

Their plan strays even further off path when Flynn and his men ambush the criminal couple when they exist the bank. Lucy and Wyatt end up teaming up with Bonnie and Clyde and they escape Flynn’s attack, while also noticing that Bonnie is wearing the key necklace that Flynn is looking for.

While Clyde directs the four back to their secret cabin, Lucy provides a cover story for Wyatt and herself, naming them the infamous outlaws (she tells them they committed all the big crimes that they did not). Wyatt tells Lucy their best bet is to just get the key as quickly as possible and make a run for it but Lucy seems a bit calmer as she informs him that they just need to get the key and get out of there before 9am the next morning (when Bonnie and Clyde’s friend sells them out to a bounty hunter and they’re killed).

Meanwhile, Rufus, who was pretty much abandoned after the ambush when Lucy and Wyatt took off with Bonnie and Clyde, is taken in for questioning about the shooting and the bank robbery at the police station when Flynn shows up with Frank Hamer, the bounty hunter responsible for the deaths of the outlaw couple. Flynn runs into a bit of trouble when Hamer suspects something is more is going on with Rufus than he is letting on and stands up for Rufus who seems to be taken as Flynn’s hostage.

Lucy and Wyatt get a more personal in-depth story about Bonnie and Clyde’s relationship and after they share their engagement story, the couple looks to Lucy and Wyatt for their proposal story after Bonnie sees Lucy’s engagement ring that she forgot to take off before traveling back in time. When Lucy struggle to come up with a fake story, Wyatt gallantly steps in tells a very detailed story about his “proposal” to her, however he retells the story with a quiet sadness that it’s pretty easy to tell the story he tells was how he proposed to his deceased wife, Jessica. After an awkward expectant silence from the actual couple, Wyatt suddenly kisses Lucy, much to her surprise, and the mood immediately lifts and Bonnie and Clyde become much more talkative.

Lucy and Wyatt manage to casually slip in some questions about the key ring and they find out that they stole it from Henry Ford himself (does this mean Henry Ford was/is involved with Rittenhouse?). Lucy, who manages to get a close look at the key translate the Latin writing on the key to “The key to the beginning of all time and the key to the end of all time.”

As Lucy and Wyatt lie in bed waiting for Bonnie and Clyde to fall asleep so they can steal the key and get back to Rufus and the Lifeboat, they talk about what it means to have that one person you’re meant to be with. Wyatt is a firm believer that there is one person for everyone while Lucy seems a bit more open to the opposing idea. He teases her a bit about how she has always been so focused on preserving history because things are meant to be but she doesn’t buy into the concept of soul mates.

Before she can explain herself, Wyatt realizes that Bonnie and Clyde have finally fallen asleep. However, a loud noise from outside awakens the couple before he can grab the key. And it turns out the Henry Methvin, the friend that sells the two out to the bounty hunter, is at the door. Bonnie and Clyde shut the two out of the conversation with their friend and they find Rufus out back, behind the house. Bonnie, Clyde, and Henry make their way outside and end up holding the trio hostage inside. It isn’t until Rufus uses his recording device, which looks pretty bizarre in the 1930s setup, to reveal Henry’s true colors and Clyde ends up shooting Henry instead of one of the protagonists.

Flynn and his men take this as a cue to ambush the cabin and Clyde is fatally shot in the altercation. Flynn manages to take the key from an inconsolable Bonnie who also ends up dying moments after Clyde.

After they’ve returned to the present, and changed out of their 1930s-era clothing, Wyatt assures Lucy that the kiss was an in the moment thing to make their undercover story believable, apologizing for taking her off her guard. Lucy brushes it off knowing that it was part of the plan to get the key, however when the two walk off in different directions, their faces seem to suggest the kiss was more than just a survival tactic.

After hearing the disappointing news that Flynn got away with the Rittenhouse key, Agent Christopher tracks Rufus down and relentlessly questions him about anything he knows about what Mason has been up to, and Rufus quite reluctantly decides to tell her what he knows about Rittenhouse, but not without warning her that she needs to approach this with a lot more caution.

The episode closes on Flynn in a mysterious looking house where he takes the well sought after key and uses it to open a clock-like box. The box opens and presents Flynn with a roll of paper. While the audience does not get a glimpse of its contents Flynn’s face looks plenty interested in what the paper has to say.

Timeless airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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