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Watch: How House of the Dragon Builds on Game of Thrones

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Watch: How House of the Dragon Builds on Game of Thrones

With Westeros having such an expansive lore when it comes to families and characters, there was no way that the story could have ended with Game of Thrones back in 2019. Now the series is set to tell a prequel with House of the Dragon, and we have a new featurette focusing on how the upcoming show will build upon the original.

Watch this:

With Daenerys Targaryen being one of the most central figures in the original series, it’s going to be interesting to see a story focusing on the family that Daenerys is trying to live up to—what with the dragons and the betrayal.

While the show does have the spotlight on the ‘Fire’ side of things, I’m curious if ‘Ice’ is also going to have a pivotal role in the series. The Starks did exist during this era in the timeline, but with them being so far from King’s Landing and Dragonstone, it’s very likely it will be a while before we get to meet any ancient Starks or even see The Wall.

Though there are fans who are completely leaning in on their hate for the final season of Thrones, I’m hopeful that House of the Dragon will eventually rekindle those feelings of admiration for the franchise. I mean, if Better Call Saul can make Breaking Bad even more interesting, maybe HOTD can find a way to really change everyone’s minds about how Thrones ended.

Catch House of the Dragon when it premieres on HBO Max on Aug. 21.

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