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Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 25 Recap – Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3

BY Harris

Published 3 weeks ago

Attack On Titan Season 1 Episode 25 Recap - Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 3

Reason to Fight

Inside the cathedral, a group of worshippers prays to the Walls for protection against the titans, but Annie falls on them after Eren’s attack. The priest survives the fall and calls for the titans to stay away but then gets swept away by Eren’s stomping feet.

Annie runs away, with Eren not far behind. Hange notes that Eren seems to be much more in control of himself, but Armin warns that he hasn’t won against her even once. Spirit alone can’t win a fight. Defeating Annie will require more from them.

Annie retreats to a section with lower buildings. The Military Police scramble to get their gear in order below but get suddenly swept by Annie’s rampage. She leads Eren to the nearby square. Eren remembers her acting all nonchalant and uncaring about her surroundings, but she’s displaying the best of her combat abilities here. She made it look like she didn’t believe anything at all.

Now he wants to know what she’s fighting for and for what cause she has killed many of his comrades. Eren hurls her to the nearby buildings, wreaking havoc across the city. Hange orders his squad to prepare the capture nets.

Nile finally gets a report from his men about the two titans fighting inside the city. He asks Erwin if this is his scheme, which Eren admits on his authority. Nile asks him why he’s endangering the whole city, and Erwin insists it’s for mankind’s survival. Nile threatens to kill him for treason, but Erwin agrees as long as he leads the Female titan’s capture.

Drive them Out

Nile stands down after ordering Erwin to be restrained. He calls for his troops to mobilize and help the evacuees. Levi has to stand with him as well.

Armin and the others catch up to watch Annie and Eren fight. Annie finally reveals her fighting spirit and abilities, but Eren continues relentlessly with his attacks. Annie remembers her father as she beats Eren to submission and tries to escape.

Eren chases her shortly after, remembering his goal to drive out and destroy all of the titans. He goes berserk and chases Annie towards the Wall’s boundaries. Mikasa wants to help, but Hange warns that he’s not acting like normal.

Eren fights with relentless energy, forcing Annie to climb the walls. Mikasa doesn’t permit it and cuts away Annie’s grip, causing her to fall. Eren beats her to a pulp again, swearing to destroy the entire world. He aims to devour Annie’s human form but sees her tearing up.

The female titan glows in a blinding blue light and melts Eren’s body, so Levi cuts him out. Annie encases herself in crystal, impenetrable to any of their blades. Jean curses her out, but Levi says it’s pointless. Hange calls on her troops to secure her somewhere underground, regretting the lack of information they obtained from her.

Secrets Encased

Levi calls the operation a failure, but Erwin insists that this is a step forward, and the Scout Regiment is now in the clear.

Later that night, Erwin gets confronted by his higher-ups. He insists that he didn’t ask the help of the Military Police due to suspicions of other accomplices around. He reasons that the damage in Stohess was a mistake but not as big as having the Walls breached otherwise.

Mikasa wakes Eren from his sickbed, still feeling weird at what had transpired. Jean curses that it was all for nothing. Armin asks Eren about his hesitation, and he admits his mistake. He froze as soon as he saw her crying.

Outside, Jean and Armin discuss if Eren must forego his humanity to defeat the titans. Armin admits it won’t be easy.

Erwin tells the council they now have an edge to fight the enemy.

Our Thoughts

This season was relentless in its action and payoff like the attack titan. Rating: 4.5/5.

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