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Do you like to write about TV?

Do you want to increase your writing profile online, reach a larger audience with your words, or gain valuable experience with a fast-growing entertainment news magazine?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

ScreenSpy magazine delivers up-to-the-minute primetime scoop to TV Junkies across the US via celebrity interviews, breaking industry news, exclusive video sneak peeks, high definition photo galleries and more.

Our press relationship with both Cable and Broadcast Networks, as well as streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu and others means we’re uniquely positioned to deliver news and updates in real time.

Our next day reviews and recaps break down the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, while our opinion pieces, features and editorials supplement our slate with insights and analysis of the TV landscape and the industry itself.

In addition, our ongoing liaison with Hollywood PR means our regular interviews with those in front or behind the camera are timely, relevant and above all, news-worthy.

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Right now at ScreenSpy we are looking to broaden our coverage of Fall 2020 TV — with a focus on Primetime dramas. As such we are actively seeking writers who can generate once weekly, short, upbeat review/recap style pieces on one or more popular TV shows airing over the Fall 2020 and Winter/Spring 2021 period.



We don’t mind if you have no previous professional writing experience as long as your reviews are of a professional standard. As ScreenSpy is an online medium with a high daily turnover, we require writers to be able to submit articles no later than the morning following the US airing of the episode under review, unless it airs elsewhere first.

Additionally, writers should be available to communicate briefly with the editor by email when submitting material.

Whether you are looking for an audience, experience, recognition or just a home for your work, we would like to hear from you.

Current contributors with ScreenSpy generally have some experience writing for another magazine or blog, even a personal one (not required but hey, that’s always an advantage, right?) have English as a first language, live in the US or Canada (again, not required but preferable for timely submissions) and have a love of TV. We also cannot accept contributions that subsequently appear in other magazines, or personal blogs.

  • We will ask to see a writing sample. Be prepared to write and submit a fresh sample review for consideration.
  • Familiarize yourself with the tone, word count and format of existing recaps and reviews on the website. (Here are some examples: One and Two and Three)
  • Please be aware we can’t provide you with screeners in advance of airing. Be committed to watching live and writing up your review afterwards.
  • Please also note, we are not in a position to pay for your reviews and recaps at this time — not because we’re trying to cynically take advantage of new or inexperienced writers, but because we are not currently a profitable organization. 

Here’s how to get in touch.

Email the editor at:

Tell us a little about yourself and any writing experience you many have, and what relevant (on the air, or airing this season) shows you might like to cover. 


While there’s always a home on the internet for a straight up recap (a synopsis of main events), what we really love are reviews that offer that little something extra by means of the author’s opinion, or deeper knowledge of the show, or a discussion of character motivations, or guessing out loud where a plot thread will take characters and events over the weeks to come.

Put simply, imagine this. You’ve just watched an episode of your favorite TV show, and come online to see what people are saying about it. What would you most like to read? That’s the kind of thing we’d like you to write, and the kind of thing we’d like to share with our readers.