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Right and Wrong: Suits “Blind-Sided” Review

By on January 18, 2013

Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross. Image © USA

When we left Pearson Hardman in the Suits midseason finale, the firm was essentially in a state of chaos. After much struggling, they finally removed the poisonous Daniel Hardman from the firm. Mike’s beloved grandmother died, and in his grief he decided to sleep with an ex-girlfriend – a married ex-girlfriend. Now the show has returned with ‘Blind-Sided’, the first of six new episodes, and things are as turbulent as ever.

We begin with Mike and Tess (guest star Elisabeth Tower) sharing a joint, commiserating over the things they don’t want to deal with. Seeing Mike this way feels like a regression for his character. Throughout the episode there is a heavy sense of foreboding surrounding him, like he is a speeding train and we’re waiting for the crash.

Mike’s brief attempts at resolving things with Rachel go as poorly as one would expect. Still hurt over finding him with Tess, she has no interest in patching things up. She even takes the opportunity to tell Mike that she is not the “goody-goody” he thinks she is, and that he has no idea what he passed up on (in a sultry whisper, no less).

One office relationship doing quite well is the one between Harvey and Donna. It is a pleasure to see Donna sitting in Harvey’s chair, engaging him in their usual spirited banter. She teases him about Zoe (guest star Jacinda Barrett), who he asks out on a date.

A family crisis cuts Harvey’s time with Zoe short, but hopefully she will return soon. Seeing Harvey interact with Zoe’s niece is quite adorable, and we have to say he looks quite dashing behind a bouquet of flowers. The relationship seems like a genuine one that could be a stabilizing influence in Harvey’s normally tumultuous life.

The case of the episode has Harvey and Mike defending Liam (Reiley McClendon), who pulled an accidental hit-and-run while driving high. Since Mike’s parents were killed by a drunk driver, Harvey thinks Mike will be too emotional for the case. That dreaded feeling of apprehension flares up again when Mike confidently tells Liam the case will easily be solved and he’ll “be home in time for dinner”. Mike mentions this before he finds out that Liam was driving high.

Throughout the episode, Mike repeats phrases such as “How do you live with yourself?” and ‘There’s a difference between right and wrong”. When he allows a victim’s family $80,000 more than he should have, it becomes clear he is struggling with following a moral code. By the end of the episode he is so wound up that he kicks out the ex-girlfriend, Tess. Bye Tess, can’t say you’ll be missed.

In order to help Mike out (as usual), Harvey makes a somewhat questionable staff decision. When Mike gives him grief over this, Harvey retorts, “What you’re too stupid to understand is I did it to save you.” Harvey is tired of Mike blaming him when difficult decisions arise, which is something that comes along often with their kind of work.

It is good that Harvey calls Mike out on this, but it is hard to guess where Mike is headed in this frame of mind. Being obsessively focused on justice could, ironically, mean Mike isn’t cut out for being a lawyer. Unfortunately Mike also comes across a little self-righteous when he rants about someone being given a gift they don’t deserve. If Harvey hadn’t given Mike a “gift he didn’t deserve”, Mike’s life would look a lot different now.

The expression poor Louis (Rick Hoffman) wears through much of the episode. Image © USA

The expression poor Louis (Rick Hoffman) wears through much of the episode. Image © USA

Comic relief comes in the form of Louis, particularly in his pursuit of a relationship with “the female Louis”, Sheila (guest star Rachel Harris). Since they both think punctuality is “the best aphrodisiac” and don’t like using safe words, they appear to be a match made in heaven. If Sheila’s suggestion of playing with coconut oil, a ski mask and duct tape is alarming to you, don’t worry. The firm somehow manages to ruin Louis’s professional and personal endeavours in one foul swoop. In light of his recent transgressions, we don’t feel too bad watching Jessica berate him (though we’re probably not taking as much glee in it as Harvey).

Whether or not Harvey and Louis will ever become the tentatively tolerant co-workers they once were remains to be seen. Also unclear is what role Harvey’s ambitious and freshly-hired associate, Katrina Bennett (Amanda Schull) will play at the firm. Whatever is in store for the last half of the season is sure to be exciting.

The line of the episode has to go to Harvey. After Mike tells him they have a problem, Harvey quips, “Don’t worry, Mike. I’m sure Nsync will tour again someday.”

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