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The Boys Renewed for a Fourth Season

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

The Boys Renewed for a Fourth Season

Amazon’s The Boys is currently having a fantastic run with their third season, and though the finale is still far off, it seems that the streaming service is ready for more of the Seven and Butcher’s Boys.

As announced by the cast online, The Boys has been renewed for a fourth season. Here’s the post from Jack Quaid:

We don’t know where the third season will end up for now, but the series seems to be following the downward spiral of both Homelander and Butcher. While Butcher (and admittedly Hughie) is struggling with the dependence on Temporary V to even the playing field with Supes, Homelander is on a downward spiral ever since the death of Stormfront, and he’s dragging all the other superheroes down with him—specifically Starlight.

Of course, there are also different narrative threads to follow in the show, but it looks like the very center of the series is the rivalry between Homelander and Butcher—everyone else is kind of just trying to survive it.

Besides the cynical look at superheroes, you have to hand it to The Boys for making fun of almost everything about the big media industry from ‘Maeve’s Inclusive Kingdom’ to A-Train exploiting activism to promote an energy drink. With Marvel Studios and DCEU taking their properties very seriously, it’s great to have a sarcastic (but sometimes serious) look at what a world would look like if superheroes were given incredibly honest (but human) personalities.  

Catch the third season of The Boys now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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