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5 Cliffhangers We Can’t Wait to See Resolved this Fall

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

5 Cliffhangers We Can't Wait to See Resolved this Fall

Let’s face it. If you’re really in love with a show the wait between that Spring finale and its return the following September or October is a killer, no matter how patient you are. Last season was particularly hard on the average TV fan, with many shows offering up the kind of heart-wrenching, nail-biting, jaw-dropping finale that would be hard to endure without answers for a week, let alone an entire summer. The Fall TV schedule may be just around the corner but that hasn’t made the wait any easier for fans of the following shows.

1. Revenge – Free Nolan

Us Revenge fans are a hardened lot. Accustomed to two finales squeezed into the average season, shock deaths, unexpected relatives with dubious intentions and cold-blooded murder are just some of the things we’ve learned to take in our stride with this show, which frankly no one in their right minds sits down to watch without being armed with a glass of wine, a pillow and Twitter buddies on standby, anyway. However nothing quite prepared us for the shock double episode finale last season which saw Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) arrested on terrorism charges. For two seasons we’ve watched as Nolan’s involvement in Emily’s (Emily Van Camp) revegenda brought him closer and closer to chaos, heartbreak and financial ruin. Now it appears he’s following in Emily’s father’s footsteps as the Initiative’s most recent stooge. Nolan’s intellect, vast fortune and connections have always been the keys to freedom for his troubled friends, but with Nolan behind bars, who has the necessary resources to help the helper? The #FreeNolan brigade perhaps?

Revenge returns Sunday September 29th on ABC.


2. Bones – Can’t He Just Mime it or Something?

We want this Pelant guy dead already! Andrew Leeds’ creepy psychopath terrorized the Jeffersonians in a number of creative ways last season, but perhaps the biggest blow to fans was his ability to get inside Booth’s (David Boreanaz) head in a way which forced him to tell Brennan (Emily Deschanel) that a potential wedding was definitely off the table. We’ve been waiting a long time for this unorthadox couple to finally say I do (ok, we’ve been waiting for Brennan to propose) but we never imagined that Booth would reject her. It’s one thing for Pelant to mess with the team, but when he messes with the ship, the guy’s gotta go! If like us, you’ve spent the summer wondering if Booth can somehow non-verbally indicate to Brennan what’s behind his sudden change of heart (eye-blinking, writing it down, the medium of mine, semaphore flags – we’re desperate at this stage), then check out David Borenaz’ recent and brief Comic Con interview with TV Line. David talks Pelant, new faces, old friends and a “complete 360” for Booth this coming season. Excited yet? We’re counting down the days until Monday September 16th and hoping that somehow, some way Brennan will realize the truth.


3. Castle – I Do?

ABC’s Castle served us the cliff-hanger of cliff-hangers last season with a proposal hanging in the air from Rick (Nathan Fillion), and Beckett (Stana Katic) unsure about what direction to take. If only the scene had been 30 seconds longer we might not have spent the summer flip-flopping about her answer.

And in case you think a yes from Beckett is a shoe in, let’s remind ourselves of Rick’s words on the playground swings: “It’s who you are. You don’t let people in. I’ve had to scratch and claw for every inch.” 

Was it just us, or did Beckett imagine Rick was about to break up with her with that “We deserve more” speech? And did she seem … ok with it? We’ve played this clip over and over this summer, and we still have no clue what her answer will be. Roll on September 23rd. The wait is killing us.


4. Revolution – Going Nuclear

Um … were you as surprised as us to see Randall launching two nuclear missiles in NBC Revolution’s finale episode? That’s not exactly the sort of thing you can exactly reverse engineer  – even if you’re tech wizard Aaron (Zak Orth). And Revolution showrunner Eric Kripke agrees with you. “We’re trying to be the first network show in history that loses two American cities in the first 15 seconds of a season,” Kripke told a surprised Comic Con audience last week. “We’re back to a very intense set of basics, and a  world that’s even more dangerous than in season one.” 

Are we really about to bid farewell to Atlanta and Philadelphia?

Revolution returns Wednesday, September 25th this Fall.


 5. Person Of Interest – God’s a She, and She’s Pissed

God’s a she and apparently she’s pissed at Harold. That’s according to Amy Acker’s Root. The intense season finale saw Root’s plans to meet the Machine thwarted when she and Harold (Michael Emerson) were met by an empty room instead. It seems the Machine upped and left without telling Harold where it was going. But in a spectacular twist, it decided to begin communicating with Root from the confines of the mental institution in which we last saw her. The addition of Acker as a new series regular surprised and delighted fans of the series who were prepared to say goodbye to Her Craziness at the end of the last season. But it seems the Person of Interest show runners Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman – along with the Machine – have bigger plans for Root. Why would the Machine contact Root and not Finch? Is is because it wants to be free? Is it angry with Harold for erasing its memory on a daily basis? Can it hold a grudge? And who now pulls the strings on the latest POIs? We have absolutely no idea but we simply can’t wait to find out. Check out the latest promo trailer for the show’s upcoming third season below and catch new episodes from Tuesday, September 24th.

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