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5 Things to Know About New Girl’s Season Finale “Elaine’s Big Day”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 11 years ago

5 Things to Know About New Girl's Season Finale

Cece’s wedding day is full of surprises and so is New Girl’s season finale episode “Elaine’s Big Day,” airing Tuesday May 14 on FOX. We can’t promise you’ll cry, but you will laugh. A lot. We’ve put together five teasers (we’re not allowed to outright spoil you, or FOX will set a rabid badger on us) which should get you in the mood for the finale.

Guest starring Taylor Swift, the episode sees Cece’s (Hannah Simone) wedding day here at last. However Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) are determined to spoil the event – for all the right reasons. Meanwhile Nick (Jake Johnson) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) need to clear the air but circumstances and a bitter dispute put distance between them.

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1. It’s All in the Eyes

You can say a lot without words, including “I don’t want to marry Shivrang but my family has flown half way across the world so I can’t back out now. Please Schmidt, as my closest friend, help me.” But is this what Cece really means to convey or is Schmidt just seeing what he wants to hear? He may claim that he wants to break up Cece’s wedding because he’s her friend, but how sure are we really that there are no romantic intentions behind his actions? It’s a question that will plague new girlfriend Elizabeth too.


2. Winston Faces the Facts … then Carries on Regardless

Winston’s pranks are legendary (read insane, dangerous and completely ineffectual) and “Elaine’s Big Day” sees him finally facing up to that fact as he admits “I’m no good at pranks.” However when Schmidt goads him into giving him “full on crazy” one last time, Winston folds like a pack of cards. If you’ve seen the sneak peeks for this one you’ll know it involves a priest, an air-conditioning unit and a possibly rabid badger named Bucky.


3. It’s Crunch Time For …

Everyone. “Elaine’s Big Day” sees six people putting their hearts on the line in the hope their feelings will be reciprocated. This tried and tested piece of movie magic brings success to two lucky couples and uncertainty for another. But Nick and Jess shippers shouldn’t give up hope just yet. The finale has some great moments between these two that will keep you guessing right up to the closing moments. You’ll be happy and sad.


4. Nick Learns New Moves
Our favorite Nick line this episode is “I screw up everything I touch. This is where I deserve to be. With Winston and a badger.” Winston may be bad at pranks but as it turns out he’s good at advice and is there for Nick at a crucial time – even if he is casually bleeding out.


5. Taylor Swift Parodies Herself?

Taylor Swift puts in an all too brief but comical guest appearance as Elaine. Why is it Elaine’s big day? We’re not saying, but we can tell you Ms Swift carries off what we presume is a deliberate parody of her media-perceived persona as she talks about pining over a lost love, writing in her journal and painting on her easel. We just wish we could have seen more of her.


6. Where Do We Come From? Where Do We go? Where Do We Come from, Cotton Eye Joe?

Sing it with me. It’s the song of the episode.

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