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Black Mirror Friday – Bandersnatch

BY Shannon Entin

Published 6 years ago

Black Mirror Friday - Bandersnatch

The latest installment of Black Mirror is the movie Bandersnatch. It’s the story of a young video game developer on a quest to create a “choose your own adventure” game for a software company. Have your remote ready because you make the choices for the main character, Stefan.

Listen to the Black Mirror Friday podcast here!

Black Mirror Bandersnatch

We discuss how this unique, interactive episode works, what choices you might have missed, and our different views about decision-making for the character.

This podcast contains major spoilers for Bandersnatch.

A Look in the Mirror

This segment is meant to address how far away we think this technology is into the future. We couldn’t exactly address that issue in this episode since Bandersnatch deals more with free will and decision-making than technology. But we do get into some deep discussion about “Big Brother” and Netflix and data collecting. Is Netflix controlling us?

Our Reflection

Since Black Mirror is an anthology, we’re rating every episode to help you decide which are must-sees, good to watch, or could be skipped.

Our rating for Bandersnatch: Good to watch.

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