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Big Mouth Announces Season 6 Return

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Big Mouth Announces Season 6 Return

Netflix may have taken a break from Big Mouth last year, but Nick and his awkward group of pre-pubescent friends are ready to come back this year with a sixth season.

Just in, we have a date announcement featuring Maury and Connie announcing that Big Mouth will return to Netflix on October 28—right on time for the Halloween season. Watch this:

Like the clip suggests, it seems that the show will be picking up threads from the Human Resources spinoff, which had Maury and Connie re-evaluating their relationship. While Maury is ready to commit, it seems that Connie has started to back out, but with a hormone monster baby on the way, it looks like the two are going to try and make it work.

We don’t really know what Maury being pregnant entails for the show, but Big Mouth and its hormone monsters have always been kind of a loose metaphor when it comes to emotions and bodily functions. If I were to guess, this will only affect the arc of the hormone monsters and their relationship with each other, rather than represent any actual changes for the kids of the show.

The last season of Big Mouth had Nick coming face-to-face with the concept of hormone monsters and what they truly represented when it comes to growing up. With the previous seasons covering several things about puberty and other human functions, I wonder where else the series is left to explore. I mean, they also have to come up with content for Human Resources as well, which is kind of the same thing as Big Mouth.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Catch Big Mouth when it returns to Netflix on Oct. 28.

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