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Black Widow’s Taskmaster Allegedly Returning for Thunderbolts

BY Brandon

Published 1 month ago

Black Widow’s Taskmaster Allegedly Returning for Thunderbolts

Taskmaster may have been an underwhelming villain in Black Widow, but with the character’s history in the comics, you can bet that Marvel would want to bring them back for some future projects. Now rumor has it that we haven’t seen the last of Olga Kurylenko in the MCU.

As per insider Daniel Richtman (via Full Circle Cinema), Taskmaster will be brought back for Thunderbolts, a team-up comprised of some of the MCU’s most notorious villains. While no official cast list has been announced, rumored names include Baron Zemo (Daniel Bruhl), Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), US Agent (Wyatt Russell), Abomination (Tim Roth), and Red Guardian (David Harbour).

The team actually gets their name from ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, but seeing that William Hurt passed away earlier this year, there’s probably no chance we would see him turn into the Red Hulk for the MCU. Maybe they could still name the team in his honor, but I’m suspecting that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is going to be the one calling the shots this time around.

After Suicide Squad proved to be a marketable venture for DC, it would make sense that Marvel would want to try their own spin on the bad-guys-team-up-for-the-greater-good story. With the MCU being bashed for making some pretty forgettable villains, this could be a chance for the characters to shine in the spotlight; maybe even redeem themselves from some disappointing debuts.

No release date has been announced for Marvel’s Thunderbolts film.

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