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BONES: Exclusive Scoop on “The Secret in the Service”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

BONES: Exclusive Scoop on

Following on from Thursday’s A cappella-themed instalment Bones returns this week with “The Secret in the Service.”

The episode sees Booth offering his expertise to the Secret Service when an agent is found murdered on the eve of a presidential visit to the area.

However Booth soon discovers that not only is former colleague Brandt Walker (guest star Michael Gaston) reluctant to accept his assistance, but the killer may just be someone on Walker’s own detail. Exposing the murderer and protecting the president’s life has never looked so daunting.

We’ve seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at FOX, and have a number of teasers to share with you.

As always, we avoid revealing major plot points and other big spoilers that, let’s face it, would probably ruin your enjoyment of the show. As such we consider our article to be “teaserish” rather than “spoilerish” in nature. As always though, we urge you to exercise caution regardless, because it’s the internet, and who are these ScreenSpy people anyway?

Take a Look at my Sputum!

Brennan may be out of the lab due to a massive cold this week, but that doesn’t mean she’s off her game. It’s going to take more than a soaring temperature, sore throat, runny nose, and hacking cough to keep Bones away from the Jeffersonian’s latest case — much to Booth’s alarm.

In fact, Bones is so determined to beat her illness and get back to the investigation that she’s willing to try just about any remedy – including the ministrations of a spiritual healer!

Feel better soon, Brennan. And please stop showing people the contents of your used Kleenex.

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