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BLINDSPOT Season Finale Review: Who is Jane Doe?

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Pauline Perenack

Well, Blindspotters, we finally made it.

Little did we know that when that strange tattooed girl climbed out of a bag in the middle of Times Square, we would find ourselves here. Over the course of the season, we were drawn into the intrigue of the “Who is Jane Doe” mystery, and how she fits in with our FBI team. We discovered the mystery of Operation Daylight, and were left wondering why exactly Jane put this entire situation together in the first place.

We’re now at the finish line, but some things still remain the same. We still don’t know who Jane Doe is. Her team at the FBI doesn’t trust her, and the intensity level is sky high. With Oscar killing Mayfair, and Weller’s father’s death bed confession, I think it’s safe to say we should be ready for the unexpected.

Tonight’s episode title anagram decodes to “When it’s Filed Away,” and seemingly needs to be combined with last week’s “The Final Order Will be Revealed.” So, what final order is being revealed? The final order of events of Jane’s story? Let’s recap what happened to find out.

More Clues to Jane’s Past

Tonight’s episode, “Why Await Life’s End” starts soon after last week’s ending. Jane is showering off Mayfair’s blood, knowing that her death was her fault. Needing to set things straight, she heads out to search Oscar’s apartment, where she finds photos of the two of them, as well as the cellphone he used for mission updates and the gun that was used to kill her. As she searches, she remembers talking to Oscar about her mission, and that she needs to talk to Shephard about Oscar being her handler.

In a callback to episode 6, we get the return of Aimee Carrero when Jane visits Ana, asking her to trace the phone she stole from Oscar’s apartment. Ana agrees, and they are able to trace the location of the Oscar’s informant. Jane lies in wait, but is literally smoked out. To talk herself out of the situation, Jane says she’s being followed by Cade, and is sent to a safe house. Instead of going there however, Jane returns to Ana, and asks her to trace a purchase of lye she overheard the informant talking about. Ana is able to find it, and Jane goes to the location, hiding herself from Oscar, who picks up the package of lye. She follows him to a barn, and remembers training against him in a similar location. She enters the barn, and is tazed. When she wakes up, she is tied to a chair, and Oscar is there, telling her he needs to re-wipe her memory, and apologizes for failing her.

Jane begs him not to do it – that she was remembering who she was. She was remembering being Taylor, and this whole thing was her idea. Oscar agrees, it was her idea, but it was Shephard’s mission. However, she was never Taylor Shaw. He explains that Phase 1 of their mission was to get Mayfair out, and Weller in charge, because they could control him with Taylor Shaw by his side. Phase 2 was to burn the country to the ground because it was so corrupt, and start all over. However, they needed to start all over since Jane was remembering, which was putting the mission at risk. Not wanting to have her memory wiped, Jane head butts Oscar, who knocks over a gas lamp and starts a fire. With him down, Jane is able to escape her bindings, and the two fight, with Jane eventually killing Oscar. She runs from the building, and leaves a message for Oscar’s team on this truck.

With Jane missing, Weller is consumed by his father’s deathbed confession, and talks to Sarah about it. She convinces him they should go look under the fort for Taylor’s bones. They don’t find anything, and relieved, Weller leaves Jane a voicemail message, calling her Taylor, and telling her that she’s always the first person he thinks about. However, on a run to the garage to find more beer for him and Sarah, Weller notices a camping tent, and thinks back to their days of camping. He drives out to their spot, which was another fort – Fort Boone. He starts digging, and finds Taylor’s favorite rain boots, which still hold her bones, confirming his father’s deathbed confession, and re-igniting the question of, who is Jane?

Jane returns home from her fight with Oscar to find Weller in her apartment. He has Taylor’s doll, which was buried along with her body. Because Jane isn’t Taylor, Weller pulls a gun on her, and arrests her, not willing to listen to anything Jane has to say.

The rest of the team meanwhile is fully involved in the disappearance of Mayfair. Allie is on the case, and informs the team if they had any contact with Mayfair, they needed to speak up. When she leaves, Reade and Zapata admit to Patterson they had talked to Mayfair, and after some disappointment from Patterson about being left out, the three find Oscar and Jane’s meet up place, and find Mayfair’s blood. They realize Mayfair had to have been keeping records on what she was investigating, and they decide to go all in, and break into Mayfair’s house. After some nifty puzzle solving, Patterson opens Mayfair’s safe, and they find a USB drive. It requires one more riddle to solve, and once they do, they are introduced to the world of Orion.

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