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BONES: The Unstoppable Show Gears Up For Season 12

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

BONES: The Unstoppable Show Gears Up For Season 12

“You’re not the only forensic anthropologist in town!”

It’s hard to believe it’s been 11 years since we first heard Booth make an impassioned plea for Dr. Temperance Brennan — aka Bones — to offer an assist to the FBI.

Since then the unstoppable show, focusing on the relationship between these two chalk and cheese characters, has gone on to become the longest-running one-hour drama series produced by 20th Century Fox Television, in addition to producing 234 (to date) episodes.

With a final season of 12 episodes in the pipeline, fans will have plenty to look forward to, especially with the introduction of a new threat in the closing moments of the finale last Thursday.

However, for many fans Thursday’s episode proved to be a huge disappointment. Not because of the content, but rather presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s RNC speech – which ran overtime and partially preempted the final instalment of the season by as much as 40 minutes in some markets.

That 40 minute build up to a shocking last reveal made the preemption even more frustrating — so much so that Fox promptly made the decision to re-air the final episode of the season on Friday, July 29, at 8/7c.

Meanwhile, series stars Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor & John Boyd, and EPs Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson took to the stage at Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend to discuss what’s in store when the show returns to our screens in spring 2017.

Some panel highlights follow:

Emily Deschanel will direct the season premiere “The Hope in the Horror,” which begins filming today, Monday Jul 25.

“I think Jack and Angela will always make it,” remarked TJ Thyne in reference to Hodgins and Angela’s recent martial difficulties, and Hodgins’ injuries.

“I’m honoured we have the opportunity to end the show with a special ending,” said Michaela Conlin of the show’s long run and final episode.

“I thought maybe the writers were going to cheat me out of a wedding, but they’re not!” revealed Tamara Taylor. “Cam and Arastoo are doing it!”

“I wanna take a redhead out to eat, that’s all I need,” said John Boyd in response to a question on what he might like to see Aubrey doing in season 12.

There’s a season 12 undercover episode in the works, “in a world we’ve never been in, and only Booth and Brennan could do justice to,” confirmed Collier.

Michael Peterson confided that two characters from previous seasons — but no one on the panel — would die in season 12.

“Episode 11 of next season you will find out what “447” means” confirmed Peterson. (Thank God!)

What’s going to happen with Zach? “You asked for it. We brought him back,” said Peterson.”It’s a delight to bring him back, but the story is not over yet. He’ll be back for 3-4 more episodes. There is an arc and a storyline, so don’t assume anything!”

Catch a beautiful 6 minute sizzle reel spanning the show’s 11 seasons below (watch out for spoilers for the final moments of season 11 towards the end in case you  missed out last Thursday).

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