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Captain America 4 Casts Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Captain America 4 Casts Harrison Ford as Thunderbolt Ross

After the passing of William Hurt, fans thought we may have seen the last of Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross, but with him having a more significant role moving forward (i.e., the Thunderbolts movie), Marvel Studios has opted to recast the role.

According to The Hot Mic (via SlashFilm) Harrison Ford (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) has been cast as the new Thunderbolt Ross of the MCU. He’s expected to make an appearance in Captain America: New World Order and reprise the role in Thunderbolts starring his crack team of ‘villains’.

We were initially introduced to Ross in The Incredible Hulk when he was played by Hurt, and though the character had taken a hiatus for a couple of phases, he did return with a more prominent role in Captain America: Civil War, proposing the Sokovia Accords. Ever since, he’s been making appearances in Endgame and Black Widow, becoming the mascot of big bad MCU government.

Generally, Ross just stands around being antagonistic to the superheroes, so I can imagine that Ford doesn’t have to do much taking on the role. Then again, Ross is also the Red Hulk from the comics, but I don’t really expect Ford to want to participate in that role, unless he just has to provide the voice.

If anything, I am eager for a Ross/Bruce Banner reunion. Ross, after all, is one of the biggest villains of the Hulk, and with Harrison Ford taking on the part, it would be great if they could have him do something more interesting.

Captain America: New World Order comes out May 3, 2024; Thunderbolts hits cinemas on July 26.

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