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CASTLE Sneak Peeks: Ryan and Espo Get Schooled in “PhDead”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 9 years ago

CASTLE Sneak Peeks: Ryan and Espo Get Schooled in

Ryan and Esposito are about to get schooled in this new sneak peek clip from Castle’s Oct. 5 episode.

“PhDead” will see the 12th Precinct investigating the grisly murder of a college student — by sending Ryan and Espo in to pose as students in order to learn more about the victim’s last days. (Yes you heard that right.)

However, it’s not long (give or take five seconds) before their ‘clever’ disguise is blown, and Castle takes the opportunity to swoop and pick up the threads of the investigation for Castle Investigations, much to their embarrassment.

The moral of this story seems to be that if you’re going undercover on a college campus play the role of a professor, not a student.

Meanwhile in sneak peek 2, Beckett catches on to Castle’s intentions of working his way onto the case by going undercover – in public, as himself.

Castle continues Monday Oct. 5 on ABC.

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