CHICAGO PD Sneak Peeks: A Desperate Dad Takes Hostages in “Actual Physical Violence”

It’s a scene of chaos and heartbreak in these new sneak peek clips from tonight’s episode of Chicago PD.

“Actual Physical Violence” will see a desperate Dad approaching an overworked and stressed out Platt on what looks like the desk’s busiest day ever.

Dad is concerned that his daughter is missing. The catch? She’s 18 years old and legally an adult, so it appears it’s not the station’s concern, for now. However determined that Platt (Amy Morton) hears him out, the man takes drastic action by taking hostages.

Meanwhile, as a SWAT team prepares to storm the building, and Jay (Jesse Sofer) gets antsy over Platt’s fate, Voight (Jason Beghe) looks into the missing woman’s case, and doesn’t like what he finds.

“Actual Physical Violence” airs Wednesday October 14 at 10 pm on NBC.

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