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CHICAGO PD: Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer Talk Season 3

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

CHICAGO PD: Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer Talk Season 3

“I’m bad news,” previews Chicago PD actress Sophia Bush of her character Erin Lindsay in this latest video interview from behind the scenes on the show’s third season.

Bush and co-star Jesse Lee Soffer are at hand to discuss where we will find both Lindsay and Halstead when the show returns on Sept. 30.

If you’ve been following our coverage here at ScreenSpy then you will know the premiere, “Life is Fluid,” will see Halstead attempting to get through to Lindsay as her downward spiral continues following her three-week absence from the unit. However, previews Bush, it will be no easy task.

“That thing inside her from her childhood – that poisonous voice whispering all those terrible things to her – that thing is unleashed,” says the actress. “She boxed it and locked it away, but Nadia’s death really blows that open and all of that stuff comes out for Lindsay in a way that is unmanageable for her. Not only is she battling her own demons, but Bunny has inserted herself into her life and is quite literally and figuratively poisoning her.”

But fans shouldn’t expect to see Lindsay sidelined for long. A crisis concerning one of their own will rouse her to action in a way that a stern talking to from Voight never can.

“She’s not going to do it for herself, but she’ll do it for someone she loves,” the actress hints at the impending emergency.

As for Pseudo-Dad Voight? It looks like he’ll be doing more than pouring Lindsay’s coffee every morning. A reckoning is coming, and it looks like Bunny will be its focus. “The Bunny Voight showdown is going to be very scary,” Bush reveals.

Meanwhile, in our second video, Jesse Lee Soffer previews what’s ahead for Halstead this season. “He wants his partner back. He doesn’t want her going down this path, and he’s fighting for that.”

Halstead fans also have reason to celebrate as the show is set to reveal more of his backstory this season. “You’re going to see Halstead’s universe get bigger,” the actor previews.

Chicago PD returns Thursday September 30 at 10-11 pm ET on NBC.

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