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Don’t Need No Other Lover: Mistresses “Indecent Proposals” Review

BY Abbey White

Published 9 years ago

Don't Need No Other Lover: Mistresses

Mistresses made quite the steamy return this week coming off a short hiatus. “Indecent Proposals” was significantly more predictable than previous episodes, but it delivered on a few guilty pleasure storylines which made up for it nicely. Getting what we have wanted, however, may come at a price of the things we already like.

Savi’s life is literally falling apart and her home has become a living metaphor for this collapse. Harry is urging her to move on and fix it herself, which seems like a fair request as they are now separated. That is until Savi reveals he was in control of nearly every aspect of their marital life. It’s a surprising revelation, but it also lends insight into the affair. It wasn’t just about arguments, but a battle for control of her life and her choices.

Now here she is forced to make them whether she wants to or not, and with Harry’s not so subtle encouragement Savi does try to “move on.” She just happens to move right on into Dominic’s arms. There is an undeniable chemistry between them which makes you believe the coupling might be for the best. That is until we glimpse Dominic’s motivations. It would be easy to root for him in the love triangle if his actions and words didn’t always convey that he approaches being with Savi like a conquest. Harry doesn’t want to lose Savi either, so he stops by to fix the leaky pipe… as she and Dominic return from the store with groceries. Harry stomps off, but after basically telling Savi to move on did he really expect her to wait around for him? That little detail doesn’t seem to matter though as Savi immediately puts his feelings first thereby hitting the resent button on the love triangle.

April’s a little less understanding of her formerly dead husband and his emotional fits. When Robert shows up at Lucy’s school she lays down the law… again. Add selective hearing to Robert’s list of unattractive traits, along with his unearned victim complex. His sob story doesn’t seem to crack April’s emotional walls and she tells him to cry those tears to his family in Florida. She on the other hand cries her tears on Richard’s shoulder.

As a result of their conversation, Richard shows up on Robert’s hotel room step ready to rumble. He starts by offering a fair warning to quit manipulating April for money, then moves to actually offering money. Robert – feeling threatened by the knight in shining armor – takes a swing. Richard fires back and both end up with some nasty bruising. When Richard goes back to April, she’s furious. Richard has overstepped his bounds (you can be a hero without being a caveman), but he is vested in their relationship and Lucy. It seems silly to expect him not to respond at some point. The verbal tussle between the two (and eventual walk out) leaves us to deduce that Robert has won the battle, but hopefully not the war. It’s not looking good though as April’s final scene has her back at Robert’s with a photo album of Lucy.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s lawsuit is clearly not out for money, but blood. More specifically Karen’s. Not only does Karen have to worry about the widow from hell, Savi couldn’t even give her a heads up. Things are looking bleak before the totally handsome, but terribly creepy Sam enters with a basket full of forgiveness and understanding.

Knowing Sam, it’s not odd to question his motives here. And knowing Karen, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see his confession break down her walls. She does ultimately keep him at the proper distance, but the appearance of a lawyer set to help Karen fight Elizabeth soon follows Sam’s departure. While it may not be in her best interest to take help from Mr. Disturbia, Karen finally stands a chance against Elizabeth. Her renewed sense of strength must be why she didn’t call the police after he shows up at her house uninvited again. She let’s him in and despite what her gut should tell her, she finally gives in. And to say that we haven’t desired to see this happen ourselves – even just to get a little payoff for the build up – would be lie.

Joss got to prove her chops to Olivier, and the fact that she didn’t have to answer his off the clock challenges was the cherry on top. Instead she planned on spending time with Alex. To both Joss’ and our dismay their plans falls through when Alex isn’t feeling well. All dressed up with nowhere to go, Joss ends that call and makes another confirming she really is a “takes her work home with her” gal.

Joss spends the evening entertaining a firm client and impressing Olivier. He’s so impressed, in fact, that he suddenly decides it’s okay to flirt. Sadly, Joss reciprocates. On some level this is to be expected because she doesn’t seem to have a clear understanding of monogamous or relationship. The lack of understanding (or maturity) will not excuse her behavior if she does slip up though. Should we even pretend to hold out hope on her not sleeping with her boss or is that naive?

Catch Mistresses Mondays at 10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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