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Every Step You Take I’ll Be Watching You: Twisted “Docu-Trauma” Review

BY Abbey White

Published 10 years ago

Every Step You Take I'll Be Watching You: Twisted

This week there was quite a bit of a developmental focus shift, and it might have left you feeling a little empty. In reality though, “Docu-Trauma” just took the show’s lead foot off the gas in terms of the larger running plots to spend more time on character introductions and expound on the series’ real world elements.

Something that’s been floating right beneath the surface of the show since it began is the threat Danny’s presence presents for Jo, Lacey, Karen, and anyone else who associates with him in either private or public. We’ve seen him fight with Archie and get pushed by a grown man at Fall Fest, but the one constant in these situations is public eye. Having that, however, is not always a sure thing for someone like Danny and we’re given multiple scenes to explore this threat.

The first instance is at the Desai’s when they discover that the front of their home has been plastered with red jump ropes. This might seem like a harmless prank, much like tee-peeing, but it’s not. Tara having died in the home has kept the Desai’s somewhat safe in terms of tresspassing, but if someone feels comfortable enough to walk through your yard, they might they feel comfortable enough to enter your house uninvited. The second incident involves a late night date in the park between Romeo and Juliet. While enjoying their sparkling apple cider, a group of masked individuals approaches out of the bushes wearing wigs and masks that resemble Danny. It isn’t until after Danny throws the glass bottle that the group disperses, and not in a particularly hasty fashion.

When Sarita shows Lacey a picture of Danny’s house covered in jump ropes, Lacey expresses concern over the prank. Sarita reads it as sympathy, but finding Tara’s body was clearly traumatic for Lacey and this only stirs the pot. Being affronted in the park in the middle of the night doesn’t help either. Lacey losing her popular friends isn’t the only reason to keep quiet about their tryst. Her social position also leaves Danny open to more threats. As the reigning queen of the school, she’s always being watched, as evidenced. Lacey’s reaction was telling and probably provided the most realistic response to the situation. Instead of getting closer to Danny, she pauses their hot and heavy petting.

Unsettling incidents aside, one of the better parts of the episode was how much attention was paid to the love trapezoid that’s been building for several weeks. We watch as Rico literally tells Jo everything except “I like you,” while Jo ends up in the sister lane with Danny. Neither take it well, with Jo and Rico’s insecurities becoming more apparent in conversations with the other half of the gang. The beauty of both heartbreaks, however, is that it provided bonding moments for characters currently on the outs.

Ashton Moio as Rico, Maddie Hasson and Jo Masterson -- © ABC Family

Ashton Moio as Rico, Maddie Hasson as Jo Masterson — © ABC Family

Jo and Lacey got to spend some symbolic alone time on the swingset outside the Desai’s home after the party, and their conversation left us wanting their friendship repaired more than we thought. Danny and Rico’s moments throughout the episode again provide us with comic relief, but also allow us to see the complexity of trust and how our perception of a person versus knowing them can drastically change how we react to them. There definitely appears to be drama brewing, so it’s nice to see the core group both care and support each other while we can. Danny’s return hasn’t been easy for any of them, but in a town full of secrets the only people they really have to talk about it with are each other.

Amidst all this fear and friendship, we were given a proper introduction to Tyler, Phoebe’s brother. He is clearly interested in Jo, but gives off as many creepy vibes as the masked Dannys did. Last week we watched as he used his charm to disarm and manipulate his way into numerous conversations. His ease with people seemingly caught Danny’s attention, and even earned him a date with Jo this week. But after Phoebe spilled the beans about his plans to make Danny’s party a night he wouldn’t forget, all we want to do is forget about him.

Jo’s storyline expanding outside of Danny is positive, but she is already in an emotionally vulnerable place. And after we catch a masked Danny filming Lacey and the real Danny indulging in some private time, we can only suspect that something will surface and threaten the new dynamic. If the little Green Grove police department was able to find a tiny necklace in a pond, it doesn’t seem unlikely that the lovebirds video might go public for all (including Jo’s) eyes to see. After all, nothing stays secret for long.

Here are my twists, turns, and queries for this week’s episode of Twisted. Share your thoughts about the episode in the comment section below.

Twists: 1. Whoever left the jump ropes outside of the Desai’s house and gave them to the group knew the jump ropes were red. This is particularly important as Lacey couldn’t even remember the correct jump rope color. 2. Tyler mentioned pranks as in plural, signifying he knows about more than one instant where Danny was harassed

Turns: 1. Karen Desai admits to killing Regina

  1. Based on what we’ve seen of Tyler, should we trust him? 
  2. Do you agree with Karen’s decision to cover for Danny, even though she appears to believe he did it?
  3. Who do you think was behind the Danny masks and stunt at his party?
  4. Which pairing interaction was the most enjoyable: Danny and Rico or Jo and Lacey?
  5. Do you think it’s about time Lacey and Danny tell Jo about their relationship?

Twisted airs Tuesdays at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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