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Female Robbery: Mistresses “Full Disclosure” Review

BY Abbey White

Published 9 years ago

Female Robbery: Mistresses

Mistresses was open and honest this week as the women attempted to maturely talk out their hang ups, in hopes that it would help bring them to the right answer.

In “Full Disclosure” we saw April trying to navigate the now murky relationship waters with Richard for their girls, while Karen went head to head with Elizabeth Gray at a deposition hearing to defend her name and job. Joss played around with sleeping with men again and Savi made a bit of a surprising confession about Dominic.

Paul was finally leaving, but April was suddenly apprehensive. It might be because Paul (not so) casually dropped in their goodbye conversation that lying about his death and leaving his family was the worst mistake of his life. It might also be because April still loves him. However, Richard hasn’t left the picture – despite their argument in last week’s episode – and Lucy is somewhat invested in the man who hasn’t pretended to be dead for 3 years. Richard clearly still wants to salvage something, but April is known for reacting too late.

This is in her top three most reliable character traits, but one has to wonder when or if she’ll develop out of it. Mistresses is a summer soap, but that doesn’t mean your characters can’t grow. If you stick your hand in boiling hot water to test the temperature and you get burnt, you’re more careful the second time around, yes? We see that today will not be April’s more cautious second time when she goes to pick up Lucy from school, but she’s nowhere to be found. What makes it worse? Her husband knew where their daughter went to school and is now supposed to be on a flight to Florida. Richard’s suggestion to call the police is looking like the best idea anyone’s had the entire season.

Savi is spending more time with Dominic and even less time with Harry. Sadly, neither believes it can still work. A conversation between Harry and Joss does clear that up a bit though. Harry has assumed that the kid is Dom’s because she hasn’t shared the paternity test results. Joss, who is clearly fighting to keep the sails hoisted on the Savi and Harry ship, fills him on their sisterly agreement. It might seem like a weird time to point this out, but does there seem to be romantic chemistry brewing between Joss and Harry? They work wonders as a platonic team, but there are subtle hints that leave you wondering and nervous. Could all those relationships survive that kind of turn?

In any case, Savi has been excused from Karen’s case and finds herself with some downtime. This leads her to ponder where things are at between her and Dominic. After she serves as a listening ear for Joss, it’s her sisters turn to do the same. What we find out – that Savi may be ready to take the next step with Dominic in a real relationship – is like a non-lethal bomb. We saw it coming, some were hoping for it, but now that it’s out there, do we root for it? If Savi’s willing to give it a serious chance, maybe we should be, too.

Joss and Alex have a talk about “missing men.” Actually, it’s just a talk about Joss missing men, and it starts out as harmless – like a lit candle – but quickly turns into a burning house fire. Joss and Alex have a good thing going and though Joss has a preference for men, she seems to be happy with her situation now. Perhaps it’s a bit more domestic than what she’s used to, but again, she’s happy. Joss’ non monogamous nature rears its head, however, when she decides to sleep with her boss Olivier.

This is a hook up that you should have seen coming from his introduction. Still, it’s a little heartbreaking. Joss should always be true to herself, but she should have also been more real with Alex – before she got in bed with her boss. If at the very least to protect one of her biggest character traits: upfront-ness. Joss’ “realness” about this kind of thing is what makes her most likeable. You may not agree with her non-attachment clause, but she’s never lead anyone on… until now.

Pictured (L-R): Penelope Ann Miller, Jason George, Matthew Del Negro, Tehmina Sunny, Yunjin Kim -- © 2013 ABC Network

Pictured (L-R): Penelope Ann Miller, Jason George, Matthew Del Negro, Tehmina Sunny, Yunjin Kim — © 2013 ABC Network

Elizabeth Gray put on her best smiling cobra and revealed every seed she’s planted during Karen’s deposition. Karen should have kept her distance, like her mind was telling her, but instead she listened to heart. She listened to something else yet again last week when she played strip poker with Sam. But during their conversation he agreed to be a character witness for her, so when he shows up to serve as one for his mother it’s a rude awakening. There is something definitely wrong with this family. Perhaps they all should have been in therapy?

Sam tries to explain though nothing can really explain that level of betrayal – even if it was only one night. You don’t promise someone something like that and take it away because they don’t call you back immediately. At least, that doesn’t seem like the adult thing to do, but I guess that doesn’t factor in when you sleep with obsessive boy toys. Karen walked out on the moral high ground, but that may not be enough to save her or her career.

Catch Mistresses Mondays at 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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