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Fine Dining Meets the Purge in New Clip from The Menu

BY Brandon

Published 1 month ago

Fine Dining Meets the Purge in New Clip from The Menu

Ralph Fiennes is probably best known for his villainous roles like Voldemort in the Potter films, but now he’s set to be some kind of demented chef in the movie The Menu.

The film is set to hit theaters this November, and we have a clip from the film where Fiennes’ character gives his guests a 45-second head start to run from his kitchen staff. It’s some odd, dark stuff. Watch this:

The film comes from director Mark Mylod who has worked on episodes for Succession and Game of Thrones. We don’t know exactly what to expect with this film, but I think that the big twist is that everyone will suddenly understand what Fiennes’ meal is going for—despite all of the horrific things he’s going to put the guests through.

I have to say, they’ve gathered a very impressive cast with Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult. The two have done fantastic work on their own series like Queen’s Gambit and The Great; I guess it’s also worth mentioning the two are now connected to George Miller’s Mad Max franchise with Hoult appearing in Fury Road, and Taylor-Joy starring in the prequel Furiosa.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Menu:

A couple (Anya Taylor-Joy and Nicholas Hoult) travels to a coastal island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises.

The Menu is set to hit theaters Nov. 18.

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