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GRIMM: Exclusive Scoop on the Two Hour Season 5 Finale

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

They say all good things must come to an end -- unless your show has been renewed for another season.

Luckily, this is the case with NBC's Grimm, but fans shouldn't feel too complacent heading into Friday's finale.

The two hour instalment will see a high body count with our fan favorites struggling -- often unsuccessfully -- to stay one step ahead of Black Claw.

The action kicks off when the shady organization makes a cruel and strategic move against Hank (Russell Hornsby) that shocks everyone and sends Nick (David Giuntoli) on a war path.

Elsewhere, Hadrian’s Wall ramps up their investigation as they attempt to learn more about Bonaparte's (guest star Shaun Toub) motives.

And tucked away in their safe house mansion, Adalind (Claire Coffee) finds her uncomfortable arrangement, and her life, under threat, while Diana shows her parents just what she is capable of.

Meanwhile Nick and Renard (Sasha Roiz) clear the air (and Renard's precinct office of serviceable furniture), and Rosalee (Bree Turner) searches for the right time to tell a hotheaded Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) what's at the root of her mysterious illness.

We've seen the double episode season finale a little early, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have a number of teasers to share with you. As always, we avoid revealing major plot points, character deaths and developments, and other big spoilers that, let's face it, would probably ruin your enjoyment of the show.

As such we consider our article to be "teaserish" rather than "spoilerish" in nature. However, as always, we urge you to exercise caution regardless, because it's the internet, and who are these ScreenSpy people anyway?

Inception Level Setups

Last week’s episode saw Black Claw attempting to neutralize Nick’s allies overnight. Although they failed, the shady organization is back to try again this week — and this time they mean business.

With everyone’s lives in immediate danger, Nick will attempt to turn Black Claw’s latest deadly sting to his advantage. But is there a setup behind the setup behind the setup? Who’s playing who? Our heads hurt!

We think fans will love how these final deadly twists will play out. We did.

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