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BLINDSPOT Offs a Major Character in “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s episode finally shed some light on the seemingly random tasks Oscar had for Jane.

Turns out, they all lead towards indicting Mayfair. But the real question is, who is the mastermind of this plan? Oscar? Taylor Shaw? Or someone else entirely?

Either way, it’s clear that Mayfair has some connection to this group and it’s one that has them seeking revenge.

Tonight’s episode title anagram decodes to “The Final Order Will be Revealed” which looks to be pointing towards a final showdown between Jane and Oscar.

While it could prove to be a tense showdown, we all know this is the Jane and Weller show, and it should be obvious which side she’ll choose. Or is it? Let’s recap what happened tonight. 

Taylor Shaw Really is Dead (maybe)

Tonight’s episode, “If Love a Rebel, Death Will Render” begins with Jane confronting Oscar about Mayfair. They are interrupted however by Sofia, and Jane has a flashback of recruiting Sofia to join their team, and suddenly, the plot thickens.

We rejoin the story two weeks later with our case of the week. A janitor runs through the streets holding a bag to his chest, and subtly leaves it under a bench. When he runs away, we see the bag holds a baby.

Headquarters is a mess with Mayfair gone, and Weller filling in. Director Pellington arrives to check in on things, and to let Weller know he’s currently conducting interviews to permanently replace Mayfair. Additionally, all of Mayfair’s cases are being suspended, including Jane Doe. Patterson however, has discovered the case of the baby, and we learn the baby was tattooed with the same wrist barcode as Jane. Weller doesn’t tell the team that Jane’s cases have been suspended, and instead tells them to just be quiet about the investigation.

As such, the team moves to another room, and Weller smuggles Jane in the back door. They determine the baby has the same DNA as Bryce Warren, the son of billionaire Peter Warren. Patterson also IDs the janitor, and intercepts an email of his. The team race to find him, and when they arrive, he’s gunned down by snipers.

With that lead gone, the team visits Bryce Warren and his wife, who deny having another child, because as it turns out, their only son has cancer. Peter arrives, and orders the team to leave.

Back at headquarters, Pellington has heard from Peter, and tells the team that the Jane Doe case has been suspended, and orders Jane off of the premises. Weller promises Jane this is only temporary, but Jane isn’t convinced, and goes to find the tattooed baby. As she stakes out the building, she watches a woman, and two men with guns walk straight through security. With security distracted, Jane follows the men to the elevator, and gets into a fight with them, only to see the woman walk away with the baby.

Jane forces one of the men to direct her to the facility where the baby was taken. Inside, she finds a room full of babies, but has to hide when the woman and Peter Warren enter the room. Jane and the woman fight, and Jane is able to take out the woman (and herself) with a defibrillator.

The team meanwhile gets some help from Mrs. Warren, who explains she and her husband, Bryce, had been exploring alternative medical options for their son, and had found a research program which could print organic material, including the bone marrow her son needed. She and her husband had given samples, and were told by Peter, who was an investor, they could have the first, off the books, transplant tomorrow. She gave the team the address, and they end up at the same facility as Jane.

After a gunfight outside, the team enters, and Weller finds Jane unresponsive on the floor. He manages to revive her, and all of the babies are recovered.

Back at headquarters, Pellington is not pleased about the team once again disobeying his orders. He tells Weller the only way to stay with the FBI is to take over Mayfair’s position, and permanently suspend the case of Jane Doe. Weller meets up with Jane in the locker room, and learns she has already returned her access badge. When she asks what she should do now that she no longer has the FBI, Weller tells her she can do whatever she wants. And, taking advantage of the moment, Weller finally leans in for the kiss he’s wanted for weeks. He invites her to a team bourbon meeting, but has to run when his father’s nurse calls. Once at his father’s side, Weller listens to his father’s deathbed confession, which was that he had killed Taylor Shaw.

Mayfair meanwhile, has been put on house arrest, giving her time to think about Sofia’s betrayal. With the enhanced traffic picture in her hand, clearly showing Oscar, Mayfair starts to put the pieces together. She manages to get her ankle bracelet off and visits the man who was with Alexandra at the bar. He admits he knew Sofia, and she was always smoking. That leads Mayfair to the one cigar shop in the city which sold Sofia’s favorite cigarettes, and Mayfair gets a phone number from the owner. Calling Reade, Mayfair asks for a trace of the number. Reade and Zapata meanwhile have already met, and agree to help Mayfair. They trace the number to a building, and Mayfair is on the chase.

With Weller bailing on the team, Jane goes to confront Oscar. She’s surprised when Mayfair walks in, and just as surprised and hurt, Mayfair goes to shoot Jane. Oscar shoots Mayfair from behind, and on her deathbed, Mayfair tells Jane she wished she could be there when he finds out what Jane really is.

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