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GRIMM: 5 Things to Know About Friday’s “Inugami”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago


Grimm fans, Friday's new episode is all about trust, as old enemies and former allies come to reconsider long held beliefs about each other.

While the episode will see Nick (David Giuntoli) struggling with revelations about both Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Renard (Sasha Roiz), Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) will focus her energies on drawing attention to a bigger picture everyone can get on board with.

It's at times like this the cool-headed and unemotional logic of a born-again Hexenbeist warrior is just what's called for. However, we suspect some pesky human emotions will wreak havoc with Eve's future plans to thwart Black Claw.

Meanwhile, Adalind decides to return to work, and while Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) find themselves in a tight spot, Nick and Hank work a case of Japanese Wesen acting on an ancient tradition of revenge.

We've seen the episode a little early, thanks to our friends at NBC, and have a number of teasers to share with you. As always, we do our best to avoid outright spoilers and plot-reveals that would otherwise ruin your enjoyment of the live-aired episode. However, we urge you to proceed with caution anyway.

Nick Gets Cold Feet

Nick will find himself on the receiving end of some crushing news about Adalind’s return to Hexenbiest status this week, and the news, no matter how gently delivered, will not sit well with him.

Trust and loyalty, as we know, are important qualities to our Grimm, and Adalind’s decision to keep her burgeoning Hexenbiest-ness a secret makes, not only Nick, but Monroe and Rosalee too, wonder if they will be able to trust her going forward.

You may begin to wonder the same thing following a scene involving Adalind’s job interview this week.

However, while Nick and co. may fear Adalind’s inner Hexenbiest, they may do better to fear what leverage may be brought to bear on her over episodes to come.

They say there’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her child.

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