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BLINDSPOT Review: It’s Patterson’s Turn to be an Action-Hero in “Man’s Telepathic Loyal Lookouts”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: It's Patterson's Turn to be an Action-Hero in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week on Blindspot we finally learned a little more about Jane’s past and Taylor Shaw, and it almost seems as though maybe Jane isn’t actually Taylor Shaw as we’ve been led to believe. She also found herself being drawn closer to Oscar than she expected – just as Oscar needs her to get closer to Weller.

I know I keep writing it, but that’s because it’s true – the divide among our team continues to grow each week, with last week as no exception. It’s only a matter of time before this team fully fractures, or is drawn back together by some major event.

Have you solved this week’s title anagram? Blindspotters on Reddit have managed to decode “Mans Telepathic Loyal Lookouts” to “In Almost the Last Place you Look.” Combine this with last week’s anagram of “Find What You Need,” and it seems as though Jane might finally get some more answers about her background. Or, since this week’s episode follows Patterson on a scavenger hunt, maybe she’s the one who will find what she needs – closure from David’s death.

So, let’s recap tonight’s episode and see who found what.

Second Chances

While tonight’s episode touched on each member of our team, the focus was mainly on Patterson, and began where we last saw her – in the restaurant having a meal with imaginary David. She continues talking to him about the crossword puzzle when a waiter brings her a special dessert. Written in chocolate on the plate are the words “Your Move.” A tiny wooden sheep sits on top of the cake, and after confirming with the waiter that is not a usual topping, Patterson jumps up to go solve her ex’s scavenger hunt.

Her first stop is David’s apartment, but after being turned away by the landlord, she breaks in using the fire escape – one which breaks as she climbs it, almost causing her to fall. The noise she makes alerts the landlord, and she scampers up into David’s apartment. Seeing it empty, Patterson worries the next clue is gone, but David reminds her of the sheep she found in her dessert, and how in the game it comes from, the sheep is cooked in the fireplace. Sure enough, as the landlord bangs on the door, Patterson finds a key inside the fireplace, which leads her to a speakeasy David had talked about.

At the speakeasy, the key turns on a creepy automaton, which is supposed to perform a magic trick, but now only slams a knife tip into a table. Patterson notices the words on the tablecloth say, “I love you to the moon and back” and that the holes from the knife seem very specific. She takes the tablecloth, and drapes it over a lamp, seeing the holes produce a constellation – Andromeda to be exact. Back at headquarters, Patterson scans the tablecloth into her computer and sees there is an extra hole. She lines the constellation up with Jane’s body, and the extra hole points to the bull tattoo – which has already been solved. Disappointed, Patterson walks away, but David talks to her about second chances, and Patterson remembers each tattoo has multiple meanings. As such, she discovers the bull translates to the constellation of Taurus, and when lined up with the constellation, highlights the star Aldebaran.

Patterson finds an antique store with the name, Aldebaran Antiques, but arrives to find it closed. A man inside however, lets her in to browse while he’s setting up, before inviting her to tea. Patterson explains how she ended up there, and he goes into the back where he says he has a large astrological collection. Hearing a crash, Patterson gets up to investigate, only to be chloroformed by the shop’s owner. She wakes up tied to a post in a cellar, and discovers the shop’s owner is insane as he rambles on about people watching him, and that she needs to be sacrificed. Fearing for her life, Patterson listens to David as he tells her to focus and get out of there.

Meanwhile, at headquarters, our team learns from Mayfair that Patterson never arrived for work in the morning. As she hasn’t missed a day in 9 years, the team is instantly on alert, and knows something is wrong. They find she had been in the building in the early hours of the morning, and had been looking at the bull tattoo. Upon learning Patterson’s car had been towed, they go to the location, find the antique shop, and see Patterson’s coat inside. Zapata picks the lock on the door, and the team goes in with weapons drawn, but Patterson is nowhere to be found. Zapata researches the shop’s background, and finds the owner to be Owen Lyman, a high school teacher who was suspected of killing a student. His brother Patrick Lyman, happened to be a high profile Democratic Senator. Still at headquarters, Mayfair relays to the team three locations of property the Lyman brothers own, and Weller instructs the team to head to the largest property.

Patterson manages to break through her bindings, and uses a chair to break open the cellar door. Upon climbing out, she finds herself barefoot, in snow, in the middle of nowhere. Grabbing the handle from the cellar door for a weapon, she rounds the building, and tries to pry open the garage door, but notices the shop owner and his brother watching her. She takes off running, and escapes by slashing the shop owner’s face when he tackles her. Sitting in the creek bed, shivering and tired, Patterson starts to break down, and is relieved when David returns. He tells her to stay put, but when they can hear Weller’s calls, David tells Patterson to get up and find her team.

The Lyman brothers also hear Weller’s cries, and Patrick finds Weller first. The two start fighting, and Weller is able to take him down. Jane continues searching for Patterson, and hearing Jane’s voice, Patterson heads in her direction. She sees Owen however, and picks up a large log. As he takes aim on Jane, Patterson knocks him over, giving Jane time to shoot.

At headquarters, we learn that Patrick was being told how to vote by a pharmaceutical company, which had helped to keep Owen out of jail. Both brothers were now being prosecuted, and our team realizes once again that the people who tattooed Jane know a lot about what’s going on.

Throughout the episode, the other team members have their own problems to deal with. Still fearing for Sarah’s life, Reade once again pushes her away, but the person threatening him leaves a cellphone with a picture of Sarah and Reade together, and calls to tell Reade to delete the traffic surveillance footage. Reade eventually refuses, and tells Mayfair he is being threatened. She pulls him off the case, but assigns he and Sarah a security detail.

Zapata finds herself being drawn closer to the US Attorney Weitz after he tells her he now wants information on Mayfair because he believes Mayfair is dirty. And after seeing another conversation between Mayfair and Reade, which Reade won’t elaborate on, Zapata begins to believe Weitz’s warnings.

Jane finds herself being drawn further into Oscar, who gives her photos of Taylor and Kurt together as children, telling her to build memories to help draw Weller closer to her.

And finally, Mayfair meets a mysterious woman, Alexandra, at a bar, and finds herself instantly attracted.

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