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GRIMM Sneak Peek: “Nick, We Need to Talk”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 8 years ago

GRIMM Sneak Peek:

“Nick we need to talk!”

If we had a cent for every time Adalind has uttered those words this season on NBC’s Grimm, we’d have at least … 4 cents by now!

Seriously though, it hasn’t been fun watching Adalind (Claire Coffee) struggling week after week with how to tell Nick (David Giuntoli) that her Hexenbiest powers have returned — knowing that Nick already knows and is devastated by her refusal to be honest with him.

Friday’s episode is about to change all that, and we can reveal that it’s a major one for this beleaguered couple.

In the following sneak peek scene Adalind finally decides to tell Nick the truth, but it appears her fears have made her a ‘show don’t tell’ girl as she transports her phone clear across the room and into her hand (we would kill for that ability, FYI.) by means of a demonstration.

Nick however is unfazed, and Adalind realizes for the first time that her secret is not so secret after all.

What follows is a deep heart to heart between these two former enemies as they finally lay their cards on the table.

Don’t feel too relieved however. This Friday sees the introduction of the mysterious Claude Bonaparte (guest star Shaun Toub), and with a name like that you just know this dude is going to be some uber Black Claw operative. You’d be right too.

In fact, Bonaparte will pose the biggest threat to Nick and Adalind’s fragile relationship since the return of her powers.

Friday’s episode is called “The Taming of the Wu” and it airs at 9/8c on NBC.

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