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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 10 – Stop

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 10 - Stop

In this Homecoming recap of the season one finale, everything stops. Heidi takes control and ends this horrific experiment.

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Season 1, Episode 10: “Stop”

Colin at Geist

The Homecoming finale opens with Colin giving a presentation to the DoD. He’s talking about how well the client is doing and that HE IS CURED. Colin tells his audience that the client wants to “get back to work.”

Once again, there is no music opening this episode.

After the presentation, Colin is talking with Mr. Heidl (remember him from the golf course?) and is interrupted by a text from Craig that says EMERGENCY!

Next we see Heidi cutting up all recordings for clients other than Walter. That one she puts in an envelope and sends to his mom. She’s putting the rest of her personal effects in a box – which is the same box she threw out at her mom’s house. 

Colin calls her and she is very calm, almost comical, as she answers his questions. She tells Colin he sounds a little “hysterical.” LOL!

Heidi confirms that she took the week 6 dosage and gave Walter a second dose. She says the symptoms will take about a year to leave his system.

“How can we deploy him?” says Colin angrily.

“I guess we can’t.” says Heidi calmly.

Colin is screaming that he’s going to come there and “screw her head on straight” but she hangs up on him. And he realizes he was ranting in front of everyone in the DoD presentation. 

Next we are in 2022 and Audrey, the receptionist from Redwood, is in a board room with Colin. He’s making demeaning remarks to her and asking her to get coffee, “or whatever it is you do here.” Seems to me she might be something more! 

We find out that Ron is not with Geist anymore, and that Audrey is clearly a much higher up. She talked to Giest personally about the situation – at his farm – and they want Colin to sign a document outlining  his role in the Homecoming situation.

Audrey says, “You were a problem solver, but now you are a problem.”

Heidi pulls up outside her mom’s house and we see the black bars close in on the screen, symbolizing that she has lost a part of herself. 

Heidi goes to see Walter’s mom in 2022. She tells her everything. Gloria says, “I don’t forgive you.” Heidi says,  “I don’t want you to.”

Then we see Walter & Heidi’s final moments together on 5/15/18, as they discuss their future move to Fish Camp. There’s a beautiful pan out after this scene. 

Heidi gets the map and packs up to head to CA. The next scene is a montage of sorts, with really cool shots of the car, a grocery cart, beds in a hotel, the map – all shown through sliding screens conveying her journey.

It ends on a closeup of the stop sign. Didn’t Walter say something about the town that had one stop sign?

Yes! Walter is there, building a deck on his cabin. Tension builds as he goes to the hardware store. You know Heidi’s going to find him!

He walks into a diner for coffee and Heidi is sitting in a booth staring at him. He doesn’t remember her. Or does he?

She is very emotional talking to him, and she seems happy that he’s happy. She saved him. They talk briefly, then he leaves. 

She looks down at the fork and it’s angled, out of alignment with the knife & spoon. Did Walter do that or was it accidental? Do you think she’s going to stay there in town? Stay tuned for season two! 

And if you missed the post-credits scene – be sure to go back and watch! We get some very interesting information about Audrey!

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Episode title: Stop


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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 10 – Stop