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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 2 – Pineapple

BY Fadra

Published 4 years ago

Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 2 - Pineapple

There’s a decidedly different tone to episode 2 of Homecoming. We’re discussing the music, cinematography, and more.

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Season 1, Episode 2: “Pineapple”

palm trees

Episode 2 starts out with some pretty creepy music, as we see Shrier is now rooming with Walter. He’s playing the harmonica as they all line up for breakfast. In the cafeteria, Walter asks him to give it a break. He stops, and looks a bit spaced out. 

Next we see Walter and Heidi in session. He tells her the story of Titanic Rising. We get a glimpse into what might have happened with Walter’s unit. When he tells Heidi that Lesky died, we see a brief shot of broken, blood-splattered glasses on the ground.

Take note of the awesome overhead shots in this show. There’s some great cinematography!

Walter is seeing the medical examiner, who asks him some odd questions. Does he feels fatigued after eating or drinking, or experiences numbness in his legs while running? Walter wonders aloud about the questions, but doesn’t seem to be particularly suspicious.

We also find out that Shrier isn’t taking his meds. He spits them out at lunch and then goes a bit off the rails, announcing that he doesn’t think they are even in Florida or that any of this is real.

Next we go to the 2022 timeline and see Thomas in an office cubicle. He’s looking at Walter Cruz’s file and we find out that Cruz was released from the Homecoming project on 5/15/18 for violence and misconduct. He tries to call Walter, but speaks to his mother who is vague and unhelpful. 

Heidi is at home with her mom (played by Sissy Spacek).  She tells her that a man came around asking about her old job and her mom asks if maybe they’ll take her back? We find out that her mom has no idea why she came home, but that she fell and got hurt 2 months after Heidi came home. Heidi clearly has some memory gaps.

Thomas goes to his boss about the case, and she tells him to close it or elevate it. He feels unsure of what to do because there’s not really enough info elevate, but he feels there’s something more.

Back in 2018, we see Heidi talking to her boss Colin. It sounds like a phone recording, and we see a split screen of Heidi and Colin. Colin is sneaking around a golf course trying to “run into” a man named Mr, Heidl.

At the end, there is an interesting repeat of the opening sequence with the 3 vending machines, 3 lights, the stairway, and the hallway.  Again, very cool cinematography!

Walter is then packing up out of Shrier’s room, and they lock Shrier in for the night.

Title Tipoff

At the end of every podcast, we talk about the episode title, the question overlay on the episode thumbnail, and how they fit into the episode. 

Episode title: Pineapple


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