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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 5 – Helping

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 5 - Helping

Episode 5 had some really fun elements alongside the mysterious drama. Heidi tries some makeup, gets pranked, and then gets berated. Listen in to our Homecoming recap.

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Season 1, Episode 5: “Helping”

Colin on Homecoming

This episode starts out with peppy, happy music and had some fun elements! It’s so great when serious shows have hints of fun thrown in. We’re also loving the eclectic music of this series. 

Heidi is in a mall and the clerk asks her about her beauty regimen. She clearly doesn’t have one. Then we see her pull up to the office with a full face of makeup. She seems happy, then looks in the mirror, and wipes off the lipstick. Oh Heidi. 

Walter and the receptionist are there when she walks in and they are up to something. Heidi notices her pen is not straight, but can’t move it – or anything else on her desk because everything was glued down. She laughs.

Thomas Carrasco goes to see Shrier (in 2022). He’s a landscaper and he’s just kinda staring into space. He makes some vague comments that “he left him there,” “they were hiding there” and “she knew everything anyway.” He talks about the trees and gives Thomas a leaf. Shrier is clearly a bit off, but we think that leaf will definitely mean something!

Craig is holding another workshop and this time wants to role play “having a drink with an old friend.” None of the guys are going for it, but Heidi comes in and declares that Walter will participate. This is an odd scene where they start out role playing, then Heidi ends up telling Walter (and everyone else in the room) about her employment history. It feels uncharacteristic for her to give out this info publicly. But perhaps she is excited about being a part of something? About making a human connection?

Turns out she glued Walter to the chair.

Colin 2022 heads to Tampa. But he lies to his assistant about where he’s going, indicating that whatever happened with Homecoming needs to be kept a secret from his employer as well. We’re starting to suspect that Colin may really be the bad guy here. Could he be the one who put Heidi in the hospital?

Meanwhile, Walter and the guys are making a plan to prank Heidi again. They set a trap, but we’re not told what for. 

Colin is practicing what he’s going to say to Heidi (2022). He goes into the diner and realizes she has no idea who he is. 

Colin (2018) is invited to dinner at his boss’s house – Ron. Ron is to Colin as Colin is to Heidi. And when Ron impresses upon Colin the importance of the program, Colin immediately excuses himself to call Heidi and berate her. But in this conversation, we learn some very important details!

Colin asks Heidi what their mission is. She says, “… treating PTSD like something to be eradicated. We are using medication to delete the harmful responses to the traumatic memories.” So we now know what the medication is supposed to be doing – erasing memories. Colin knows Heidi gave Walter the harmonica and he yells at her about that triggering an emotional response.

She ends the call, shaken, and walks into her office to see a pelican on her desk.

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Episode title: Helping


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