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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 6 – Toys

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 6 - Toys

This Homecoming recap of episode 6 can best be described as uncomfortable. Colin manipulates Heidi and Walter has an unexpected visitor.

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Season 1, Episode 6: “Toys”

scene from Homecoming

Homecoming episode 6 opens with music that sounds like a 70’s love song. And there’s some love happening. It’s just the awkward and uncomfortable kind.

Walter’s mom, Gloria, is trying to get in touch with him. She finds out he’s not in a V.A. administered program, but a private program from Geist. After a bit of research, she realizes that Geist makes shampoo and cleaners and other chemical products. A red flag goes up in her mind. Danger Will Robinson! She decides to go to Tampa and get her boy.

In 2022, Colin is in the laundromat, after following Heidi there. He introduces himself as “Hunter” (interesting choice of name) and feeds her a story about just getting back from Afghanistan and his wife wanting a divorce.

Meanwhile, Gloria finds the Homecoming complex and Heidi allows her in. Craig and the receptionist look on disapprovingly. 

Colin (2022) makes up this elaborate story about his life to gain sympathy and support from Heidi. He asks her if she’s a counselor on the side, trying to provoke her memory and see how far he can push it. They go for Chinese together.

Walter’s mom wants him to come home. He’s packing and Craig is getting nervous. He says Walter is on a week 4 dosage and he can’t leave because he’ll have withdrawal. Heidi tells him to shut up and go back to his toys. Heidi is such an interesting character! She seems to let Colin walk all over her, but she gets pretty assertive with Craig! She was also like that with Anthony – a bit mousy until she snaps.

Heidi talks to Walter and asks him if leaving is what he really wants. He admits he might want to stay to be with her. She says she also thinks about being with him. So their feelings are out in the open now, but it’s still a bit awkward because of their working relationship.

So Walter decides to stay and Heidi calls Colin to tell him she managed the situation. She tries to talk to Gloria, who tells her she is a fool to think she can help or protect him because the government is controlling everything.

Heidi (2022) and “Hunter” are laughing and drinking at the Chinese restaurant. She opens up to him about how she feels her whole life is fake and she doesn’t know where the real “me” is. He tries to kiss her, but she moves away. And then she kisses him. It was weird. 

Gloria is driving home, and we hear her calling the DoD to file a complaint. Anyone else confused by this? The complaint was in 2018? But not investigated until 2022?? And if Gloria was the one who filed the complaint, why is she not cooperating with Thomas?

In 2022, we see Heidi’s and Hunter’s laundry still in the dryers at the laundromat. They slept together and I’m angry. How could Heidi let someone get close to her so easily? She is so lost. 

Heidi tells Hunter/Colin that she thinks she did something wrong and she doesn’t know what it is. All I can think is that if she gets her memory back she is going to be so pissed and disgusted with herself!

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Episode title: Toys


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