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Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 9 – Work

BY Shannon Entin

Published 4 years ago

Homecoming Recap Season 1 Episode 9 - Work

Heidi deals with the aftermath of her returning memories. Join us for this Homecoming recap of episode nine.

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Season 1, Episode 9: “Work”

In this episode, Heidi deals with the aftermath of her returning memories. The opening scene shows her at the Geist Corporation, interviewing for a job with Colin.

We quickly cut to Thomas telling Heidi that the complaint will be elevated, and there will be an investigation, but they’re not after “small fish” like her. Heidi says she deserves to be punished. And the music is very sad.

Next we see Heidi talking with her mother, who says she’d had her suspicions about that job from the very beginning. Heidi asks what she’s supposed to now, and Ellen says, “Go to work.”

Now that Heidi’s memories are back, we don’t see the square screen with black bars to indicate the time difference. We now just see the past as Heidi’s memories. She is sitting in her car in front of the diner, remembering a session with Walter from May 15th.

Walter says he’s ready for his next deployment. WOW – that was fast. That must be some serious medication! Unfortunately, he also thinks Shrier might join him and Lesky is still alive. He thanks her for what she did for him. She turns off the recorder and asks him to come to the cafeteria.

Then we see Colin back home, talking to his wife, Lydia. This strange scene has Colin showing remorse – telling his wife he needs to tell her something. What did he want to tell her? That he slept with Heidi? Or something about the Homecoming program?

She tells him to “put it in the box.” He writes something on paper and she puts it in a box and locks it away. She’s weird. I’m starting to suspect that she is maybe involved somehow – like Sharon Stone in Total Recall. Is she a fake wife to keep him in line?

Heidi goes into the kitchen and takes 2 servings of the week 6 dosage food. Everyone has masks on back there – it’s SO CREEPY. They all look stunned to see her take the food and sit down to eat with Walter. Heidi and Walter chat about California and where they might go someday on their road trip.

Back at the diner in 2022, Mrs. Trotter dies in her usual booth. Heidi sits and looks at her for a moment. I think she realizes things are different now. She can’t just “go to work.”

Thomas meets with his boss Pam. She doesn’t seem entirely convinced about elevating the complaint but she shrugs and tells him “good job.” But when he leaves, she calls Geist! The DoD is in on everything!!!!

After Mrs. Trotter is taken away, Heidi looks at the envelope… is she going to go see Gloria??

In the final scene, we circle back to the beginning with Colin interviewing Heidi. It’s confirmed for us that Colin just wanted someone he could manipulate. And Heidi was all too eager.

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Episode title: Work


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