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It’s All About Family in New Trailer for Big Mouth 6

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

It’s All About Family in New Trailer for Big Mouth 6

 Big Mouth may have taken a break last year to focus on the spinoff Human Resources, but now the show is ready to come back with some more embarrassing (and gross)  moments focused on Nick, Jesse, and the other kids.

Watch this:

The series is also picking up some threads from Human Resources with Maury being pregnant with Connie’s child. We don’t really know how Hormone Monsters work in the lore, but I’m sure there’s some realistic character exploration there with Connie not wanting kids and Maury deciding to keep the baby.

While previous seasons have focused on the kids and their changing bodies, it seems that the adults will be put in more of the spotlight this year with the preview’s big emphasis on family. Not only is Maury going through a change, but everyone’s families are going through some kind of transition thanks to the kids growing up and exploring their own sexuality.

Admittedly, Big Mouth the series isn’t for everyone, what with the very gross humor and visuals. The show does shine when it comes to the writing of each character, and their pubescent struggle; plus the concept of these ‘monsters’ to explain bodily functions and emotions makes it feel like the series is a therapy session hiding within a gross-out sitcom.

After six seasons, I am wondering when Big Mouth plans to end the story with the kids, but if The Simpsons can go on this long without aging Bart or Lisa, maybe Big Mouth wants to do the same with Nick, Andrew, and the rest of the gang.

Big Mouth returns this Oct. 28 on Netflix.

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