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Jack Black Returning as Po for Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

BY Brandon

Published 9 months ago

Jack Black Returning as Po for Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

Jack Black had ended his Kung Fu Panda run back in 2016 with the third movie, but news has it that he’ll be returning one more time as the loveable Po.

As per Collider, Black will be coming back to voice Po the Panda in Netflix’s upcoming series Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. The series is said to follow Po as trouble comes into town in the form of two weasels that collect mystical weapons. To stop the weasels from getting their hands on anything too powerful, Po embarks on a quest to look for weapons, and he will be joined by an ‘English knight.’

While we don’t have a look at the knight character (named ‘Wandering Blade’) yet, we do have some new photos of the villains, courtesy of Netflix:

via: Netflix/Collider

It’s interesting that we should get an expansion of this world, seeing that the films takes place mostly in an Asian-inspired world. This should provide a neat expansion to the lore, and we have a chance to see how other countries exist in this universe. Maybe we can even watch Po love something else than Kung Fu (and food).

No other cast members have been announced for the show, but it would be great if they can bring back some actors from the films like Dustin Hoffman or Angelina Jolie. Then again, I’m sure a lot of the budget went to paying Black, but I’m sure fans are going to love listening to his Po onscreen again.

Here’s the series synopsis:

Jack Black returns to Kung Fu Panda in the new series Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. When a mysterious pair of weasels set their sights on a collection of four powerful weapons, Po must leave his home to embark on a globe-trotting quest for redemption and justice that finds him partnered up with a no-nonsense English knight named Wandering Blade. Together, these two mismatched warriors set out on an epic adventure to find the magical weapons first and save the world from destruction — and they may even learn a thing or two from each other along the way.

No release date has been set for Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight.

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