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James Cameron Looks Back at Calling Wonder Woman a ‘Step Backwards’

BY Brandon

Published 4 weeks ago

James Cameron Looks Back at Calling Wonder Woman a 'Step Backwards'

It seems that James Cameron doesn’t like sharing box office landmarks with superhero films, and back in 2017, the Avatar director had criticized Wonder Woman for not being an appropriate female role model. He specifically said that the movie was a ‘step backwards’ and that Wonder Woman was an objectified icon, unlike Terminator’s Sarah Connor who was ‘not a beauty icon.’

Cameron had received backlash for his comments, even from Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins; but now Cameron is looking back and has some more refined comments for DC’s most iconic woman figure.

Talking to TIME, Cameron says that his mind may have changed over time. He explains, “I don’t have an issue with Wonder Woman. I loved the movie. What was elusive to me at the moment was it’s OK if the woman wants to be beautiful and dress well not for the male gaze, but for her own gaze in the mirror, right? I had maybe missed that part of it at the time.”

If anything, it seems that Cameron may have forgotten that it was a woman who had directed the movie. But even if that was the case, Cameron does think that women should be allowed more opportunities in the future. He continues, “[Director Kathryn Bigelow] would have turned down any superhero movie she was offered if it was a female lead. And that’s the healthier perspective, I think, personally. Why not have women direct male characters? Have a woman direct Batman. Now, you’re talking.”

Personally, I think it all really depends on which director, and what project they’re passionate about, but for now, it feels like the industry is trying its best to have proper representation for the projects they’re working on. If anything, it does feel like these projects are possible—like with Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen having very relevant black representation despite having a white creator—but for now, I think it’s just necessary to consider minority directors first.

We don’t have a release date for the next Wonder Woman movie, but Avatar: The Way of Water is apparently still thriving in theaters.

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