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Liv Tyler Allegedly Making MCU Return as Betty Ross

BY Brandon

Published 3 months ago

Liv Tyler Allegedly Making MCU Return as Betty Ross

Though The Incredible Hulk remains to be one of the more forgotten MCU projects, a lot of cast members have been making their return to the cinematic universe from William Hurt in Captain America: Civil War to Tim Roth in She-Hulk. Now one more cast member is being rumoured to make a return, and it’s not Edward Norton.

As per @MyTimeToShineH, Liv Tyler, who played Bruce Banner’s love interest Betty Ross in TIH, is said to be in talks to return for an MCU project. We don’t know what project she’ll be coming back for, but it could have something to do with the character of Thunderbolt Ross (now played by Harrison Ford) who is rumoured to be a major antagonist in the next phase of Marvel.

Some suspect that Ross could be the Red She-Hulk, an identity she took up in the comics. She also turned into a regular green She-Hulk in the Ultimates continuity, but seeing as Marvel likes its set-ups, I can imagine Betty just showing up to be Thunderbolt Ross’ conscience when he’s about to do something harsh in the name of America (rumor is, he’s going to be the president of the US in Captain America 4).

I would definitely love to see a return for Tyler, and it would be great if they were able to flesh out her character besides being ‘Bruce Banner’s ex’. Maybe she can even have some interactions with Bruce, but I think she should stand alone for a while before they decide to reunite her with the Hulk.

Then again, it’s just a rumor.

For now, you can catch Hulk in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law now streaming on Disney+.

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