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Live-Action Transformers Series Allegedly in Development

BY Brandon

Published 5 months ago

Live-Action Transformers Series Allegedly in Development

Paramount may have cut off Michael Bay’s original plans for the next Transformers movie after Last Knight, but they certainly aren’t dropping the franchise.

As per insider Daniel Richtman (via Geek Vibes Nation), Paramount is said to be working on a live-action series for Transformers. Here’s the post:

We don’t have any specifics yet, but I can already imagine that they would want to match the CG of the Bay films as well as Bumblebee. Admittedly, the timeline for the films is already pretty wonky, so it’s possible they could push forward with a reboot.

While I’m always up for new Transformers material, I am worried that a television show won’t be able to meet the same kind of VGX as the films. I mean, sure, the technology has advanced, but even shows like Obi-Wan Kenobi weren’t able to match the scale that the films have. Even Solo: A Star Wars Story still had more spectacle to it.

As for Transformers though, the animated series have always gotten reboots every once in a while to draw some new audiences in. We don’t know which audience Paramount will be targeting with this one (or if it’s even officially happening), but I think it would be better if they focus on getting new audience members in, rather than just pandering to the already existing fans.

A live-action Transformers series has not been officially announced by Paramount, but you can watch out for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts which is slated for a release June 9, 2023.

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