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Love, Death + Robots Vol. 4 has been Greenlit

BY Brandon

Published 1 year ago

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 4 has been Greenlit

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 3 kind of came out of nowhere, and immediately the internet was filled with fans gushing about golden ladies and ominous giant crabs. Though it seemed that Netflix was going to tone down on the animated series moving forward, it looks like we’re still getting more LDR.

As per the official Love, Death + Robots account, Netflix has already greenlit a fourth season of the series. Here’s the post:

 We don’t have any details about the upcoming Fourth Volume, but you can bet that fans are already excited to see just what the series could bring next.

The third season had David Fincher trying out his hand in animation, and a lot of fans loved what he had to bring with Bad Travelling. While the Three Robots characters have sort of come out to be the series mascots, Jibaro has no doubt been the standout episode of the season. It was definitely the right move that the produces left this episode to close the entire volume.

Granted, every season of Love, Death + Robots has always been a mixed bag, but that’s kind of the beauty of the series. Sometimes you get some insightful science fiction paired with fantastic animation and sound with The Very Pulse of the Machine, and other times you get an over-masculine short about a team of guys trying to kill a robot bear like Kill Team Kill.

Catch all three seasons of Love, Death + Robots now streaming on Netflix.

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