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Marvel’s Armor Wars Being Redeveloped Into a Movie

BY Brandon

Published 2 months ago

Marvel's Armor Wars Being Redeveloped Into a Movie

Marvel Studios was set to give the spotlight to War Machine in his own Armor Wars series, but it looks like plans have changed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel is now redeveloping Armor Wars into a feature film, and Don Cheadle whose played Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes a.k.a. War Machine since Iron Man 2, is coming back to star.

Though it’s great news that Marvel is willing to invest more on the Armor Wars project, this does mean that the film is now going to be pushed back. The movie was said to be gearing up to a start of production in 2023, but the crew had just been recently notified of the change of plans.

With Rhodey playing second fiddle to Tony Stark throughout the course of the Infinity Saga, it was only fitting that he was able to get his own movie after all this time. After all, Rhodey is a fan-favorite character, and he deserves to be in the spotlight now that he’s the closest thing the world has left to Iron Man. Maybe they can even address the reason as to why Tony decided to give Peter Parker access to the EDITH system rather than Rhodey—who probably has more experience with dangerous technology.

Besides Rhodey, we have no idea who else could appear on the show. Maybe Ironheart Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) could make an appearance, or Tony’s (now-forgotten) protégé Spider-Man. This is just me, but I would love a return by Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer who was easily one of the best things about Iron Man 2.

No new release date has been announced for Armor Wars.  

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