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MCU’s Fantastic Four will Allegedly be a 60s Period Piece

BY Brandon

Published 1 week ago

MCU’s Fantastic Four will Allegedly be a 60s Period Piece

Marvel movies generally take place in the current timeline, but every once in a while it likes to jump eras like Eternals or Captain Marvel. Now news has it that we could be looking at another period piece in the future, and it will involve Marvel’s First Family.

According to Daniel RPK on Twitter, the Fantastic Four reboot that’s currently in the works is said to be a period piece set in the 60s, and the team will pull a Captain America and be transported into the future. Here’s the post:

We don’t know if this version of the Four will keep John Krasinski’s Reed Richards, but it has been said that it’s possible Marvel would want someone else to stay in the part for the long run.

I have to admit though, taking the group to the 60s is a pretty interesting twist. It poses a challenge for Reed Richards who will have to suddenly match his intelligence with the advancements of the future, and it kind of keeps their status as ‘Marvel’s First Family’—unless you want to count the Eternals, but they didn’t really stay together too long for their stay on Earth.

With Marvel clearly scrambling to find its new footing after Endgame, I’m open for some of these more experimental moves. It was already pretty cool that they kept Captain America: The First Avenger in the past for as long as they did, and I’m eager to see how they can expand on that with Fantastic Four—should this period piece rumor end up being true.

Fantastic Four is currently slated for a release on Feb. 14, 2025.

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