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Meet Buzz’s Team in New Clip from Lightyear

BY Brandon

Published 3 weeks ago

Meet Buzz’s Team in New Clip from Lightyear

A lot of people were curious as to why Chris Evans was cast in the role of Buzz Lightyear rather than Tim Allen, but it seems that he’s pretty much captured the essence of the character in the upcoming spinoff Lightyear. The film is set to release later this month, and we have a new clip of Buzz and his team planning their assault on Emperor Zurg’s ship.

Check this out:

The clip essentially gives us a good look at Buzz’s ragtag group of Space Rangers in the film who he finds himself stuck with after a mission gone wrong launches him into the future. We don’t exactly know what Zurg’s deal is in the movie, but we do know that he’s the Vader clone that Pixar came up with to antagonize Buzz in Toy Story 2.

If anything, I am kind of bummed that Pixar kind of revealed how the story plays through in the film throughout the trailers, but I still think there’s a great chance for some good character moments. Plus, we have no idea how this ends. Will Pixar want to make more Lightyear stories after this, or are they closing the book on Buzz’s origin?

After some more original Pixar films with Luca and Turning Red, Pixar is ready to come back with something more familiar. While it does feel like nostalgia-pandering, I’m eager to see what a Pixar-animated sci-fi adventure looks like.

Lightyear soars into theaters on June 17.

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