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Meet Soldier Boy in New Trailer for The Boys Season 3

BY Brandon

Published 4 months ago

Meet Soldier Boy in New Trailer for The Boys Season 3

Deadpool may have been poking fun at the superhero genre for a while, but it doesn’t quite go as in-depth as Amazon’s The Boys. The series is set to come back this June, and we have a new trailer showcasing some new and returning characters.

Watch this:

Probably the big hero of the season is Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles. We know that Homelander is kind of a mix between Superman and Captain America, but Soldier Boy here feels like he’s Steve Rogers ripped out of the MCU.

We also see some clips that show that Billy Butcher is going to be getting his own powers. Though the Billy in the show is fine with fighting heroes with no special modifications, the Billy in the comics is no stranger to ingesting Compound V. He actually offers some to Hughie in the earlier books, in a way to even the odds against the super-powered heroes that they would be taking down.

After months of getting faux news updates with “Cameron Coleman”, it also looks like the Seven on 7 news anchor will also get his own moment in the show; with him being a clear caricature of biased news outlets, I’m sure the showrunners have some kind of ‘punishment’ for Coleman when he enters the series—that red-white-and-blue dildo looks like a hint.

Catch The Boys 3 when it comes back to Amazon Prime Video on June 3.

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