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Monsters at Work Season 2 Officially Announced

BY Brandon

Published 3 weeks ago

Monsters at Work Season 2 Officially Announced

Monsters at Work was one of the earlier original animated shows for Disney+, and now the streaming platform is ready for more of the hard-working laugh factories.

Here’s the official announcement for Monsters at Work Season 2:

Just in case you haven’t checked out Monsters at Work yet, the series doesn’t exactly take place after the events of Monsters, Inc. The show actually takes place during the transition period of the company from using laughter for power instead of scares.

The story focuses on Tylor Tuskmon, who is a scare graduate who is suddenly a fish out of water when the company is forced to make a change in a direction. Despite Tylor’s expertise in scaring, he’s shown to also have an affinity to be a jokester, and we get to follow his accepting of his new job.

Though the series does have new characters, we also have some familiar faces with Mike Wazowski and James “Sully” Sullivan—both roles being reprised by Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

Since the first season had ended where the movie does, we’re now looking at new territory for the second season. With Tylor’s main obstacle being finally overcome though, I’m curious as to what kind of story we could expect from Monsters at Work 2. Maybe we can have some cameos from Mike and Sully’s friends from Oozma Kappa? Squishy is just a delight.

Monsters at Work returns to Disney+ sometime in 2023. In the meantime, you can check out the first season now streaming.

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