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Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – An Affair of Honor

BY Angela

Published 2 years ago

Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - An Affair of Honor

Daphne and Violet get invited to the palace, where Prince Friedrich presents an expensive necklace as a gift to Daphne. When he comes near her to put the necklace in place, Daphne imagines it is Simon, so she appears unwell when she looks the prince in the eye.

Lady Whistledown writes that she applauds Daphne for advancing from possibly being duchess to being a princess quickly.

Coming home from the palace, Hyacinth asks Daphne question after question about being a princess, but Daphne doesn’t feel the same enthusiasm.

Will, the duke’s boxer friend, begs him to stay so he can wager on his upcoming fight. Despite his initial refusal, the duke gets convinced as a favor to his friend.

At the Featheringtons, Lord Rutledge examines Marina closely and tells Portia that he has to see her in social gatherings to see how she acts. After he leaves, Marina tells Portia that she has lots of callers, so she cannot possibly marry the old man. Portia tells her that her suitors will take time and ask questions when she gives birth, but Lord Rutledge will not because he is in a hurry to marry and needs an heir. Marina walks out, and Portia exasperatedly asks her husband why they cannot send back Marina to where she came from.

A caller comes to the Featherignton house, Mr. Albion Finch. Portia dismisses him and says that Marina is not receiving visitors. They are all surprised when Mr. Finch says he is not there for Marina but Philippa.

Eloise rants to Penelope about a woman’s choices being only to marry or never to leave their household. She says she wants to do something different and voices her admiration for Lady Whistledown, a brilliant woman who fools the entire ton while pocketing their money. She tells Pen they should meet her because she looks like a woman of independence. She tries to convince Pen to go with her while she investigates and attempts to uncover who Lady Whistledown is.

Anthony brings Daphne to the boxing match at the prince’s request. The prince meets her once she arrives, and she sits with him. She sees the duke at the event and gets momentarily distracted.

The match begins, and it is Mondridge versus Gillespie, with Mondridge being Will, the duke’s man, and Gillespie, the prince’s man. Daphne and the prince talk about their shared affinity for their own families and their will to someday have families with their own children. Throughout the match, the duke has been eyeing Daphne, though.

Mondridge wins, and Lord Featherington finds himself in debt to people who placed their bet on Gillespie after influencing them.

Benedict gets an invitation from Mr. Granville to visit his studio. He is the artist behind the paintings in the Somerset House. Anthony finds Simon drinking alone at their club and apologizes to him. Anthony says he believes that his intentions towards Daphne are pure because now that she has a prince, he will go his way. The prince comes and requests to talk to Anthony in private.

Violet voices her displeasure at their house when she knows that Daphne went into a boxing match. Their conversation gets interrupted when Anthony comes bearing news. He tells them that the prince has asked for his permission to propose. Daphne finds herself tongue-tied when he tells her that it is entirely up to her if she will accept or not. Violet saves her by telling her that she does not need to answer immediately.

Later that night, when preparing for the ball, Daphne contemplates wearing the necklace the prince has given him. Violet warns her of what the duke might think if she does. Daphne then tells her that he does not care what the duke thinks and goes on to wear the necklace. Violet asks her what happened between the two of them and when Daphne tells her nothing, she refuses to give in. She says she knows what she saw and wants her to marry for love. Daphne tells her about their ruse, and Violet instantly knows that it has grown real for Daphne. Daphne tells her the ruse is over so she does not have to pretend anymore, but she cries while she is saying this. Violet comforts her with a hug.

As the duke prepares his things to leave, Lady Danbury chastises him for letting Daphne slip away. She tells him that love conquers all, but he begs to differ. She tells her that love changes nothing.

That night’s ball is courtesy of a widowed Lady Throwbridge. Portia gives away Marina to Lor Rutledge for a dance. Mr. Finch also wastes no time as he asks Philippa for a dance.

Cressida approaches Daphne and confronts her for taking away the prince when she could’ve had any man she wanted. Daphne tells her that the man has made his choice, and she is left with no choice. She walks toward the prince, and the prince asks to dance with her. Violet watches from a distance and drinks a whole glass of wine in displeasure.

Benedict decides to go to Mr. Granville’s study that night, where he finds other artists that gathered to draw nude models. Mr. Granville tells him to enjoy the night and draw as he wishes.

At the Throwbridge ball, Anthony freezes as he hears Siena’s voice while she sings to entertain the guests. Seeing that Anthony is taken aback by this, Violet introduces him to Miss Addington, but Anthony’s eyes are still glued to Siena. This causes Violet to down yet another glass of wine.

Philippa comes to her mother crying, saying that Lord Featherington drove Mr. Finch away and that he wouldn’t look at her anymore. Portia confronts Archibald, but he says they should wait for the next season for Philippa to be engaged.

At their house, Eloise gets caught by Mrs. Wilson rummaging through her things in that servant’s quarters. Eloise tells her that she thinks that Mrs. Wilson is Lady Whistledown. Mrs. Wilson bursts out in laughter and tells her that she cannot possibly be that author because a servant like her has no time to do such things because they have lots of tasks, not to mention that she wouldn’t be working for them if she had all the money Whistledown has.

Marina suffers through two dances with Lord Rutledge before Colin comes to her aid.

While dancing, the prince tells Daphne that he has come to England to look for someone to start a life with. The prince is about to propose when Daphne tells him she needs a moment to refresh herself. She walks away from the dance floor as she gasps for air. Once outside, she removed the necklace the prince gifted her and caught her breath.

To her surprise, Simon calls her name. He tells her that he came to say goodbye and to apologize. She tells him it is unnecessary – they are not friends and his apology means nothing because she is marrying the prince. She tells him she will be happy because the prince is a kind man looking forward to building a family. She gets furious when Simon tells her he doesn’t believe her. She asks him to leave, and when he does not move, Daphne walks away and heads to the gardens.

Simon follows her, saying it is not safe for her to be alone. When he finally catches up with her, he kisses her. They part for a moment, and Simon apologizes, but Daphne kisses him again. They get intimate up until Anthony catches them and punches Simon. He orders Simon to marry Daphne immediately, fearing that someone might have seen what just happened to them. Simon tells him he cannot marry her, so Anthony tells him he has no choice but to challenge him to a duel.

Daphne disagrees and tries to convince Anthony not to do so, but he insists and says he has dishonored her and the Bridgerton name. Simon accepts the challenge and tells him he’ll see him at dawn. Daphne tells Simon she doesn’t understand why he would rather die than be married to her, and Simon only says sorry. Anthony leads Daphne back to the ball. He tells Colin that Daphne has a headache and that he should take care of their mother because he is bringing her home. Cressida sarcastically tells Daphne that she looks unwell and asks if she caught a chill in the garden.

At Mr. Granville’s studio, Henry tells Benedict that he has potential after seeing him draw. When he realizes he has been there for too long, Benedict tells Henry he should go, and Henry tells him he is welcome to come back anytime if he wants to practice or talk.

At the Featherington’s, Portia rummages through Archibald’s office in search of his ledgers because she knows something is amiss. He refuses to send Marina back to her father, and he drives away Philippa’s only suitor.

In Pen’s room, Marina gushes over how Colin is perfect for her and how he will be a perfect father. Penelope tells her that Colin is still young for marriage, and Marina tells her that she believes Colin will propose soon. When Penelope hears this, she pretends to be sleepy so as not to listen to any more of Marina’s musings. Before leaving her alone, Marina tells her that if Colin marries her, she will stay in town and be even closer to Eloise. Penelope is displeased by the thought. She paces back and forth in her room in unease until she hears a tap on her window.

She looks out and sees Eloise. She goes outside and meets Eloise at the door. Eloise is excited as she tells Penelope of her new theory about who Lady Whistledown is. Penelope tells her she doesn’t care because she has real, mature problems to worry about, including marriage, so that she couldn’t care less about the identity of a silly writer. She goes on to tell her that she cares about marriage and does not expect Eloise to understand because she is a pretty Bridgerton, after all. Eloise gets hurt by this, and she cries as she walks out.

Upon arriving home, Anthony tells Daphne he should have protected her better because he knew Simon’s nature from the start. She also tells him she is to blame because she took liberties with him. She accuses him of thinking that just because she is not capable of making her own choices because she is a woman.

Daphne tells him he must not continue with the duel because her can get arrested, let alone killed. She tells him that she can live with the scandal should others find out what happened, but she cannot live with the duke or his blood on her hands. He tells her it is decided because it is not only her name at stake – it is the whole Bridgerton name.

Benedict arrives, and Anthony leads him to a nearby room while he checks on his gun. Anthony tells Benedict he should be his second and that if he dies, the title and the estate become his. On the other hand, if he kills Hastings, he will leave the country, and Benedict will be the head of the family, no matter what.

An intoxicated Violet arrives with Colin. Violet goes straight to bed, and Colin gets summoned by his brothers.

At Will’s boxing hall, Simon desperately tries to find something to drink. Will sees him and asks him what the matter is. Simon tells him about the duel and insists on being his second.

A few hours before dawn, Anthony decides to go and see Siena. Siena tries to send him away, but when he says that he will duel at dawn, Siena takes him in. He says that if he survives the duel, he will be free of his duties, and they can go somewhere where they can be together.

At the Featherington’s, Portia confronts Archibald after finding out that he has spent all their money, including the girls’ dowries. Lord Featheringotn breaks down and cries, saying he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

At dawn, as do Benedict and Anthony, Will and Simon ride their horses to the duel spot. After telling him that Cressida Cowper knows what happened in the garden, Daphne convinces Colin to tell her where the spot is.

At the duel spot, Anthony gives their father’s watch to Benedict and makes him promise that Siena will be provided for if he dies. Simon and Will arrive, and the duel starts. When Anthony is about to shoot Simon, Daphne comes into their midst. The shot misses her, but she lands on the ground. She gets up and asks for a moment with the duke.

Daphne tells Simon that he should marry her because Cressida saw them; if he refuses to marry her, she will be ruined. Still, Simon says that he cannot. Teary-eyed, Daphne asks him if he thinks so lowly of her that he refuses to marry her. He tells her that he regards her so highly that he cannot marry her. Simon explains that if they were to wed, he could never give her children, and since he knows that it is her dream to be a mother,  he refuses to marry her because she deserves nothing less. Simon begs her to step aside and let Anthony finish the duel.

Anthony tells them they must resume the duel before anyone finds them. Daphne announces there is no need to continue because she will marry the duke.

Our Thoughts

Like Portia, we have long known that there is something amiss with Lord Featherington when he refused to send Marina back after finding out that she is pregnant. Still, we didn’t expect him to be in financial trouble so much that he has to drive away Philippa’s only suitor because he has spent her dowry. That poor man. We hope they find a solution before everything gets out of hand.

Our heart breaks for Penelope, who might have lost a friend in Eloise just because she was too bothered that Colin might propose to Marina. We know she loves him, but it looks as though he does not see her like he sees Marina, and Penelope deserves more.

Lastly, we do hope that Daphne knows what she is doing and that she can let go of her dream of being a mother because if not, this will cause problems in their marriage. Let’s just all hope that love will conquer all for them.

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