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Netflix Cancels Inside Job Despite Earlier Renewal

BY Brandon

Published 2 years ago

Netflix Cancels Inside Job Despite Earlier Renewal

Fans thought they were up for a second season of Inside Job, but just like what they did with GLOW, it looks like Netflix had changed their mind and has pulled the plug on the series.

This has been confirmed by series creator Shion Takeuchi:

We don’t know why Netflix would have a change of heart after the renewal, but they have lately been on a sort of ‘spree’ cancelling some well-reviewed series.

Already some fans are wondering if another network would be willing to pick up the show (just like what HBO Max did with Netflix’s cancelled Tuca & Bertie), but with the new management effectively cutting down on the animation division, it’s unlikely they’ll pick up a title like Inside Job.

Personally, I’m also kind of devastated that the show should get cancelled. The series seemed to be getting great buzz online and upon release, and it’s no doubt a very cleverly written show with some great humor and hilarious references. Not only was the premise interesting, but I also loved all the characters that made Incognito Inc. what it was. The series finale even managed to tease a lot of huge things incoming for Reagan; but I guess we won’t be able to see it anytime soon.

If no other network picks up the series, I’m hoping Takeuchi manages to release a comic or something that properly closes the book on Reagan and her kooky office mates.

For now, catch the one season of Inside Job now streaming on Netflix.

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